Why We Aren’t Writing Gaur or Krishna’s Name?


A chemist may have many medicines which are 100% genuine and effective. However, treatment of the disease takes place only when the right medicine meets the right patient. The analysis of the patient is also very important. We have to look at the particular need of the patient. A good doctor will prescribe the best medicine out of the lot which will cure the disease in the most effective and quick manner after ascertaining the exact requirement of the patient. If a doctor prescribes a sleeping pill to one who is suffering from cold then there is no use. Similarly, we fully accept that Gaur and Krishna are also most powerful Holy Names of the Avatari Lords. Still, looking at our completely fallen condition, a great spiritual master will prescribe the most appropriate Holy Name of the Lord which will cure our material disease and award us perfection in the best possible way. Thus, we are not at all trying to belittle Gaur and Krishna’s Names by claiming that Nitai’s Name is the best or highest. We are simply trying to advocate that Nitai’s Name is the most APPROPRIATE remedy for our degraded condition. Just like in markets we have the Supply Side and the Demand Side. Where Supply and Demand intersect the market attains equilibrium. Supply and Demand both have to be considered. There are unlimited Holy Names of the Lord which are mercifully supplied by the Lord. (namnam akari bahudha nija­sarva­shaktis) However, if we look at the demand side we find that people are so degraded nowadays that they need a holy name which does not require any level of purity of thought, speech and deeds. They need that holy name which has no rules or consideration of offenses. And still they wish to attain the spiritual kingdom and siddhi. Can this be possible by any name other than that of our most merciful Nitai? Don’t you agree?

Thus in Kali Yuga, the spiritual equilibrium will be attained only when the Supply of Nitai’s Name will intersect the demand of the fallen conditioned souls. And this is essentially the purpose of Nitaism in general, and Nitai Mission in particular.

Airwriting Nitai is like carving the beautiful form of the Lord ‘in’ your heart which in turn awakens your dormant love for the Lord ‘of’ your heart.

-Nitaimani das

Joy निताइ !


Published by

Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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