Beware! Lord Nitai is Here


Save yourself from the merciful wrath of this unusually forgiving Lord.
If He somehow manages to enter your life then He will:

✨ ‘Destroy’ your ‘Bad Habits’

✨ ‘Ruin’ all your ‘Bad Qualities’

✨ ‘Steal’ all the dirt in your heart

✨ ‘Demolish’ your ‘Worries’

✨ ‘Annihilate’ your ‘Anxiety’

✨ ‘Set Fire’ to the huge stock of your ‘Sins’ and burn them to ashes.

✨ ‘Flood’ your life with ‘Overwhelming Bliss’

✨ Give you ‘Shocks’ of ‘Electrifying Love’ causing Goosebumps all over your body

✨ ‘Eliminate’ all possibilities of your going to ‘Hell’

✨ ‘Drown’ you in an ocean of ‘Complete Purification’

✨ And finally He will ‘Kill’ your ‘Material Existence’ and take you to ‘Golok’

Hurry Hurry! (I mean Hari Hari!!) Spread the message urgently.. Save yourself and others from this disastrous Lord Nitai..

Joy Doyal निताइ !


Analysis of Material Pleasures

We all are working hard like fools, day and night, in order to gain happiness and satisfaction. We try our level best to extract as much pleasure as possible from the sense objects. The only apparent ‘objective’ of everyone’s lives is maximization of this pleasure. However, a few bitter truths have to be kept in mind while pursuing such a wild goose chase. First, no material pleasure is permanent in nature. Second, we have to pay a cost for ‘purchasing’ material pleasures in the terms of money, time and energy. Thirdly, an individual can never be completely satisfied no matter how much pleasure he obtains. Fourthly, as we go higher and higher in the pursuit of material pleasures we often tend to take up the ‘wrong path’ which results into frustration and guilt. And the list is endless. Therefore, it can be easily deduced that humans are blindly following this objective of maximizing pleasure without paying heed to these aforementioned truths. To put it in a nutshell, the success rate of such a blind pleasure hunt is even less than that of making a dead person alive. History has proved this, the present is witnessing it and the future will face it too.

🌺 Dear Sir/Madam, if your plan is to attain temporary happiness than do anything but the worship of Lord Nitai. Please. That will give you never ending happiness and your plan will disappointingly fail.


Scriptures are the Basis

Despite of so much scientific research work going on this blue planet, there seems no end to its rising problems. Statistically, there has been no improvement in the level of happiness of humans, what to speak of other living entities that have always been treated as inanimate objects for fulfilling man’s selfish interests. The intelligentsia no longer feels the need of a higher authority unlike the intellectuals of the past who always took shelter of the sublime scriptures like the Bhagawad Gita and Shrimad Bhagavatam. The divine scriptures which are inherited as ancestral properties are kept very safe and untouched in the most remote areas of our houses. Righteousness and contentment are no longer in fashion. All the glaciers of human values are rapidly melting due to the influence of widespread atheism. There is a great need to revive our lost wisdom and to encourage one and all to become good human beings by taking good input via the scriptures.

Joy Doyal निताइ !