Scriptures are the Basis

Despite of so much scientific research work going on this blue planet, there seems no end to its rising problems. Statistically, there has been no improvement in the level of happiness of humans, what to speak of other living entities that have always been treated as inanimate objects for fulfilling man’s selfish interests. The intelligentsia no longer feels the need of a higher authority unlike the intellectuals of the past who always took shelter of the sublime scriptures like the Bhagawad Gita and Shrimad Bhagavatam. The divine scriptures which are inherited as ancestral properties are kept very safe and untouched in the most remote areas of our houses. Righteousness and contentment are no longer in fashion. All the glaciers of human values are rapidly melting due to the influence of widespread atheism. There is a great need to revive our lost wisdom and to encourage one and all to become good human beings by taking good input via the scriptures.

Joy Doyal निताइ !


Published by

Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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