Nitai Bestows Pure Love of Godhead Unconditionally

🌷 Sri Caitanya Bhagavat, Antya Khand, Chapter 1
Text 134

prema-rase mahaamatta nityaananda-raya
hunkaara garjana prabhu karaye sadaaya

Nitaichand is always drowning in the ambrosial nectar of love divine. He is always diving deep in the ocean of love of Godhead- a drop of which can completely overwhelm and drown a living entity in supreme ecstatic bliss. He becomes mahamatta, that is, extremely intoxicated, by the influence of His devotional spirit. He becomes mahamatta as the love which He experiences and possesses is also mahaprem. It is not ordinary prem. Nitai is prema-rase mahamatta and we are maya-vashe mahamatta. We are also mahamatta, not out of love of Godhead, but by the influence of the illusory potency of the Lord. We are mahamatta in maya as we fail to distinguish between matter and spirit, right and wrong, good and bad, favourable and unfavourable, beneficial and harmful, et cetera. When Nitai sees us in this condition He feels compassionate and decides to provide us the alternative spiritual intoxication by which we get established in our original constitutional position. Due to His extremely merciful nature, Nitai awards us the rarest spiritual nectar without any terms and conditions as He knows that we are so much addicted to the intoxication of maya that we will never be able to give it up unless we are provided a higher alternative first. Gaur-Krishna expects us to give up this intoxication of maya first and then only He is ready to award us a drop of love. However, Nitai is so merciful that He first gives us higher spiritual taste and thus we automatically lose taste in the intoxicating experiences provided by maya. He always roars loudly in His Own ecstasy and resembles a mad golden lion. When Nitai roars the fear of material existence in the hearts of the living entities flees just like the deer who run away out of fear when the lion roars. The dormant and eternal relationship that every living entity has with Gaur Krishna gets awakened upon hearing the loud roaring of Nitai.

Joy Doyal निताइ !


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