The reason of Nitai being Golden in color

🌺 If Nitai is golden just because of absorption in Gaur then Balaram also must be bluish-black due to absorption in Krishna. How can Balaram remain white? This shows that there is some other reason also why Nitai is golden.

🌺 Gaur is in the mood of the Supreme ‘God’ from inside and the Supreme ‘Servant’ from outside. However, Nitai is in the mood of the Supreme ‘Servant’ both inside and outside. And servants of Krishna are more merciful than Krishna. Thus, Nitai is more merciful than Gaur.


Nitai Nam and Nitai Vayulekhan

🌺 The tongue of Krishna got a cut when a devotee cut a shlok from the Bhagwad Gita out of disbelief. This shows that there is no difference between Krishna and His written Vani. Even Shrimad Bhagwatam is worshipped as Granth Bhagwan. When the written teachings of or related to Krishna are non-different from Him then why not His written Holy Name?
🌺 Even if someone says that I will have to go to hell for preaching something apparently “different” (Nitai Vayulekhan) from the previous Acaryas, I would happily accept this punishment because I know nothing is more pleasing to Guru, Guru Parampara, and Gaur-Radha-Krishna than the worship and glorification of the topmost devotee of the Lord – Nitai and His Holy Name.

🌺 The holy names written on paper might later on be defaced, burnt, obliterated, or thrown away accidentally. All this would surely lead to sheer disrespect to Nam prabhu. However, writing the holy names in air saves one from all this. Thus, Vayulekhan is the best form of Mantra Writing.

Proof : Nitai Removes False Pride

It is well understood by all that those who consider themselves fallen achieve the real mercy of Gaur-Krishna. They are always preferred much more by the Lord than those souls who are floating on the waves of ignorance by being puffed up with ahankar (false pride). Humilty is the real beauty of a devotee that attracts Gaur-Krishna.

Shrila Jagadananda Pandit writes in Prem Vivarta,

dīnere adhika dayā kare bhagavān

abhimāna dainya nāhi rahe eka-sthāna 

“The Lord bestows greater mercy upon those who are humble. Pride and humility cannot co-exist.” (Text 14, Chapter 10, Prema Vivarta)

In fact, considering oneself lower than a blade of grass is one of the most principal teachings of Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. However, the reality is that it is very difficult to achieve such a state of mind voluntarily. We are so much habitual of this false pride that it has become our second nature. We are very stubborn and we are simply not ready to improve. We need someone who can forcefully remove our false pride and make us dear to Gaur-Krishna. Who can do this other than Nitai? No one. Only Nitai is ready to forcefully make us humble because He is very eager to take us to Gaur-Krishna, in other words, He is very eager to save us from material existence and drown us in the ocean of pure love and bliss. We are not saying this, Shrila Jagadanand Pandit is saying this. He mentions in the same chapter that only Nitai can help us with this chronic disease of false pride. 

abhimāna-tyāga nityānandera dayā sāpekṣa

Giving up pride is dependent on Nityānanda’s mercy

āhā! prabhu nityānanda kabe karibe dayā

abhimāna chhāḍāñā more dibe pada-chhāyā

(Text 16, Chapter 10, Prem Vivarta)

“Ah! When will Nityānanda Prabhu be merciful to me? When will He force me to leave my pride and give me the shade of His feet?”  

Here the word chhāḍāñā indicates that if Nitai will be merciful upon us then He will forcefully remove our false pride. In our practical experience we can see that the devotees of Nitai are genuinely very humble. To sum, do Nitai Vayulekhan and receive Nitai’s mercy; become humble as a result, and finally receive Gaur-Krishna’s mercy. 

Only Nitai accepts the fallens

🌺 When the suffering conditioned soul approaches Gaur-Krishna to end his sufferings, He is rejected due to his fallen condition. 

When the suffering conditioned soul approaches Maya devi, She accepts him in spite of his fallen condition but instead of ending his sufferings, she ends up increasing his sufferings more than before.
It is only Nitai who accepts the conditioned soul in spite of his fallen state and ends his sufferings with his tender affection.

Important discussion on Nitai and Radha

If somebody asks you, “Who is the topmost devotee of Krishna?” What shall be your response? If you say Nitai is the topmost then he may ask, “What about Radharani?” And if you say Radha is the topmost then he may ask, “What about Nitai?” Is it not confusing? Numerous times we have heard that there is no greater devotee of Krishna than Radha and the same we have heard about Nitai innumerable times. It indeed a very mysterious question. Let us understand the relationship between Nitai-Krishna and Radha-Krishna in greater detail to demystify the question at hand.

Nitai is the existential potency (sandhini) of Krishna and is also the first manifestation of the vaibhava feature of Krishna. Thus, He falls in the Vishnu Tattva category and assumes the role of the Supreme Personality of Godhead as Krishna’s elder brother. On the other hand, Radha is the pleasure potency (hladini) of Krishna and assumes the role of the Lord’s dearmost consort. 

When we consider Nitai-Krishna relationship, we address Nitai as Sevak Bhagwan (the Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead) and Krishna as Sevya Bhagwan (the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is served by Nitai). 
As far as Radha-Krishna relationship is concerned, Radharani is described as the topmost Ashraya Vigraha (topmost reservoir of devotion for Krishna) and Krishna as the Supreme Vishaya Vigraha (Radha’s supreme object of devotion). 
Even though both Nitai and Radha are devotees, there is a categorical distinction between them. In short, it is a well understood fact that only like terms can be compared. So Nitai and Radha can never be compared as they belong to their own unique categories. Nitai is the topmost sevak and Radha is the topmost ashraya-vigraha. A ‘Sevak’ and an ‘ Ashraya-vigraha’, each can be addressed as a ‘devotee’. Thus, Nitai can also be called the topmost devotee and Radha can also be glorified as the topmost devotee. It is not at all contradictory. 
The only point to remember is that simply by doing ‘seva’ of the ‘Sevak’ Bhagwan Nitai one gets ‘Ashraya’ of the ‘Ashraya Vigraha’ Radha. If you don’t agree then read how Shrila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami got Radha’s ashraya just by defending Nitai’s supreme position in front of his brother. Service of Nitai is done by pleasing one’s spiritual master, serving the devotees of Nitai, spreading the glories of Nitai, taking shelter of Nitai’s name, form, pastimes, etc., and last but not least, moving one’s finger in the air to do Nitai Vayulekhan. 🙏😊
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das

Nitai Vayulekhan – The Process to Deliver the Fallen Souls

jaya jaya nityānanda rohiṇī-kumāra 

patita uddhāra lāgi du-bāhu pasāra

“Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda. He is Lord Balarama Himself, the son of Rohini. To deliver the fallen sinners He extends His TWO arms.”
If Nitai can raise His TWO arms in the air to deliver us (fallen souls), can’t we raise our ONE arm in the air to deliver ourselves by doing Nitai Vayulekhan?

Bhakti – Devotional Service is Nitai and Radha

Bhakti is translated as ‘devotional service’ by Shrila Prabhupad. Shrimati Radharani is the embodiment of ‘devotion’ and Nitai Balaram is the embodiment of ‘service’. Thus, whenever we come across the phrase “devotional service” we must remember Nitai and Radha. This, also means that Bhakti is nothing but Nitai and Radha. 🙏😊