Nitai’s Merciful Weapons 

One cannot use the weapons of Shri Krishna whenever one wants to. The Sudarshana Chakra comes to the rescue of the devotee only when Krishna wants to save the devotee. Such a situation arises very rarely when Krishna has to do that. However, the weapons of Nitai are so merciful that their presence can be invoked anytime by the devotee. It is up to the discretion of the Nitaibhakt when to call them. They are available 24*7 for the devotee whenever He wants to use them for purifying his heart and making it fertile for the growth of the creeper of devotion. You must be wondering how! Many of you must have already guessed the answer, that is, Nitai Vayulekhan. We can instantly invoke the presence of the Club and Plow of Nitai Balaram whenever we want to simply by writing ‘ता’ of the निताइ Nam Akshar Parabrahma. Isn’t it marvellous? Nitai has made His Transcendental Weapons freely available for the conditioned souls. Which other Lord will do that?  I don’t know why EVERYTHING about Nitai is so extraordinarily merciful. 
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das


Published by

Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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