Proof of Nitai Vayulekhan by Shrimati Radharani Herself

Govinda dasa Kaviraja, a famous Vaisnava poet, and younger brother of Ramachandra Kaviraj provides another strong proof of the potency of the written holy name. He received the title Kaviraja from none other than Shrila Jiva Goswami. He is famous for his bhajan “Bhajahu re mana, sri nanda-nandana abhaya-caranaravinda re”. In his ‘Padavali’ he wrote a beautiful bhajan describing the condition of Radharani when Krishna left Vrindavan and went to Mathura. The title of the bhajan is “Maribo Maribo Sakhi Niscoy Maribo”. In that bhajan, Shrimati Radharani requested her girlfriends to WRITE the name of Krishna on Her body. 
tomrā joteko sakhī theke majhu sange

marana kāle krishna nāma likho mora ange

“All you sakhis, that are staying with Me, please write Krsna’s name on My body as I die.”
Shrimati Radharani Herself is establishing the glories of the process of writing the holy names of the Lord. She is revealing that the written holy name of the Lord is as good as the Lord Himself. A pure devotee always desires that when he leaves the body he should have the highest remembrance of the Lord. Here, Shrimati Radharani is also talking about her impending death due to extreme pain of separation from Krishna. And what is her desire at the time of death? Her desire is that Krishna’s name be WRITTEN on her body. She deems it the highest kind of remembrance as when Krishna’s name will be written on her body, it will be as good as receiving the direct touch of Krishna. What more proof does anyone want? 
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das


Are Nitai And Krishna Equal In Potency?An easy to understand discussion.

It is inconceivable to understand how Nitai is the topmost God and topmost devotee simultaneously. When we perceive someone as the topmost God we are not able to perceive Him as the topmost devotee. And when we know that a personality is the topmost devotee, then it is very difficult for us to accept Him as the topmost God. It is quite natural on our part to think like that. However, we must realize that Nitai Balaram is the most unique personality in this entire creation and such contradictory truths are His defining features. Whether we are ready to accept it or not, the truth remains the truth. The truth does not change according to our acceptability. In fact, no one has much problem in accepting Nitai as the topmost devotee. But when someone says that Nitai is the topmost God then everyone has a problem. Let us throw some more light on this issue based on Chaitanya Charitamrit.

sarva-avatārī kṛṣṇa svayaṁ bhagavān

tāṅhāra dvitīya deha śrī-balarāma  

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, is the fountainhead of all incarnations. Lord Balarāma is His second body.” (CC Adi Lila 5.4)
Purport by Shrila Prabhupad:
Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the absolute Personality of Godhead, is the primeval Lord, the original form of Godhead, and His first expansion is Śrī Balarāma. The Personality of Godhead can expand Himself in innumerable forms. The forms that have unlimited potency are called svāṁśa, and forms that have limited potencies (the living entities) are called vibhinnāṁśa.

eka-i svarūpa doṅhe, bhinna-mātra kāya

ādya kāya-vyūha, kṛṣṇa-līlāra sahāya

“These two are one and the same identity. They differ only in form. Lord Balarāma is the first bodily expansion of Kṛṣṇa, and He assists in Lord Kṛṣṇa’s transcendental pastimes.” (CC Adi Lila 5.5)
Purport by Shrila Prabhupad: 
“Balarāma is a svāṁśa expansion of the Lord, and therefore there is no difference in potency between Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma. The only difference is in Their bodily structure. As the first expansion of Godhead, Balarāma is the chief Deity among the first quadruple forms, and He is the foremost assistant of Śrī Kṛṣṇa in His transcendental activities.”

Let us understand this concept in simple words, once and for all. The original Supreme Personality of Godhead is Krishna. There is no doubt in that. Lord Balaram is the first expansion of Krishna. Thus, Krishna is the first and the original candle and Lord Balaram is the second candle which is lit by the first candle. This is what we know about their origin. After Krishna expanded as Balaram, He delegated the entire task of creation of the spiritual and material worlds to Balaram. So, thereafter, unlimited candles were lit by the second candle (Balaram). Thus, Krishna is the origin of Balaram, and Balaram is the fountainhead of all other incarnations and expansions. So there is nothing wrong in saying that Krishna and Balaram both are the fountainhead of all incarnations and expansions. When this happened nobody knows. And now it doesn’t even really matter that Krishna expanded as Balaram in the first place. Why? Because at the present moment both have equal potencies. Shrila Prabhupad explains that Krishna has two types of expansions, namely, svāṁśa and vibhinnāṁśa. Svāṁśa expansions have unlimited potency and vibhinnāṁśa expansions have limited potencies. In the next purport Shrila Prabhupad tells us that there is no difference between Krishna and Balaram because Balaram is Krishna’s svāṁśa expansion. Had He been a vibhinnāṁśa expansion, the case would have been completely different. But because Balaram is svāṁśa expansion there is no difference in the potency of Krishna and Nitai Balaram. Both Krishna and Nitai are full in the six opulences. The only difference is in Their outward bodily structure. Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad also confirms this fact in his commentary to CB 1.1.17:
“It should be understood that Shri Nityananda-Sankarshana Prabhu is the Supreme Absolute Truth, Lord Vishnu, so He is the qualitatively equal personal manifestation of the original Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna.”

In fact, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Himself confirms this fact when He instructed Sanatan Goswami in the science of the Absolute Truth,
vaibhava-prakāśa kṛṣṇera — śrī-balarāma

varṇa-mātra-bheda, saba — kṛṣṇera samāna

“The first manifestation of the vaibhava feature of Kṛṣṇa is Śrī Balarāmajī. Śrī Balarāma and Kṛṣṇa have different bodily colors, but otherwise Śrī Balarāma is equal to Kṛṣṇa in all respects.”
(CC Madhya Lila 20.174) 

The vaibhava-prakāśa is explained in CC Madhya 20.171 — “If one form or feature is differently manifested according to different emotional features, it is called vaibhava-prakāśa.
The Vaibhav-prakāśa of Krishna is completely equal to Krishna in terms of potency, it is just differently manifested in terms of outer appearance according to different emotional features. And Nitai Balaram is the first manifestation of this Vaibhav feature of the Lord. 

Thus, we must never take Nitai lightly as simply a devotee of the Lord. He is also the absolute truth. There is nothing that Krishna can give us but Nitai can’t. Moreover, our claim that worship of Nitai is much more higher than worship of Krishna is completely valid. As Nitai is both the topmost devotee and topmost God combined. We get the benefit of worshipping the topmost devotee and topmost God together when we worship Nitai. Nitai’s worship is the greatest shortcut to perfection in this rare human life.    
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das

Lord Nitai – The Greatest Social Reformer


Many popular personalities who tried to eradicate social discrimination, traditional caste system, and untouchability became famous as social reformers in the recent past. They earned a lot of support from the masses but the sad truth is that most of them were atheists, agnostics, or impersonalists who spoiled the entire culture of Sanatan Dharma. In the name of eradicating the vices which tainted Sanatan Dharma and were not part of it, they tried to eradicate Sanatan Dharma itself by propagating their own mundane philosophies based on materialistic philanthropy. In order to end the disease they tried to kill the patient. Their view was, ‘if the patient will die then the disease will also end’. This sheer nonsense should never be appreciated by the pure followers of Sanatan Dharma.

We do not accept any materialistic philanthrope as a Mahajan. For us, exalted devotees like Dhruva, Prahlad, Bhishma, etc., are only Mahajans who delivered mankind from sin and preached (prachar) the message of Godhead by their own exemplary behaviour (achar). The greatest social reformer in the past, present, and future is undoubtedly the most munificent Mahajan Nitai.

nadīyā-godrume nityānanda mahājana
patiyāche nām-hatta jīvera kārana
“In the land of Nadiya, on the island of Godruma, the magnanimous mahajan Nitai has opened up the Marketplace of the Holy Name, meant for the deliverance of all fallen souls.”

Shri Gaurahari confirmed this truth while offering a prayer to Nitai,
nica-jati patita adhama yata jana toma’ haite haila ebe sabara mocana
“All the fallen, wretched, lowborn living entities will now be delivered by Your mercy.” (CB 3.7.41)

Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad writes in His commentary to the above verse,
“Nityananda Prabhu delivers all living entities from the conceptions of piety and impiety and superiority and inferiority based on caste by giving them the science of self-realization.”

Nitai brings everyone to the same level, not in bodily terms, but on the highest platform of self-realization and God-realization. Krishna told Arjun that one who has attained self-realization sees everything and everyone with equal vision. This same self-realization and subsequent equal vision was awarded by Nitai to the highest and lowest of the mankind equally. This is what we call a real social reformer.

Nitai accepted prasadam in the houses of the low caste men. He mixed freely with people of all kinds of social backgrounds. At the time when Brahmins used to take a bath in the Ganges upon touching the shadow of an untouchable, Nitai, being a Brahmin Himself, tightly embraced the untouchables in His butter-like long arms and soaked them with His love-filled tears out of burning compassion.

jaya jaya nityananda rohini-kumara
patita uddhara lagi su-bahu pasara

gada gada madhura madhura adha bola
jare dekhe tare preme dhari deya khola

“Glory, glory to Lord Nitai. He is Lord Balarama Himself. To deliver the fallen sinners He extends His two arms. His half words spoken in a choked voice are the sweetest nectar. Whomever He sees He hugs in the ecstasy of spiritual love.”

He not only eradicated all kinds of discrimination on the basis of caste and low birth but also gave them the highest and most confidential attainment of Sanatan Dharm. He picked up the souls from extreme negative and raised them to the level of positive infinity. While other social reformers could only think of bringing them from negative to zero. They could not give them anything which could take them in the positive direction.

All other social reformers could only think of helping those who were fallen by ‘birth’. But Nitai is factually the last limit of mercy as He even delivered those who were not only fallen by ‘birth’ but also fallen by ‘deeds’. No other social reformer thought of doing welfare activity for the sinful people. It was only Nitai who reformed the gross sinners and converted them also into worshipable Mahajans. The most astonishing thing is that, such a personality like Nitai is nowhere mentioned in any list of social reformers. In one sense, it is good also. We don’t want Nitai to be counted among the so-called mundane godless reformers who could do no lasting welfare activity for the fallen souls. We hope one day people will wake up from their deep slumber of ignorance and realize that nobody was, is and will be, a greater social reformer than Nitai.

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das

Nitai and JivaPart 5Nitai introduces Himself for the first time

Nitai: Hey Jiva! Get up. It is me.  
Jiva: Oh Nitai! You always surprise me. Where have you been? 

Nitai: Nowhere. I never go far from you. 

Jiva: Really? Where do you hide? I have never seen you. 

Nitai: You have never seen even yourself. I’m always with you. The real you. 

Jiva: I have never seen myself? Why are you bewildering me right in the morning?

Nitai: You are bewildered since time immemorial. I have come to wake you up. Good morning Jiva. Get up!   

JIva: Uff Nitai! I already have an alarm clock. You don’t need to be one. 

Nitai: Haha! An alarm clock is required to wake you up daily. But I’ll wake you up once and for all. Hahaha!

Jiva: Why are you so eager to wake me up?

Nitai: I love you Jiva. You have slept enough. 

JIva: What is the relation between sleep and love? Your statements are too complicated always.

Nitai: Sleep is death and love is life. I have come to give you real life.

Jiva: Oh. Another mysterious statement to explain one mysterious statement. Leave it. Why do you always say that you love me? 

Nitai: I say so because I cannot hide it anymore. I love everyone. 

Jiva: And whom do you love the most?

Nitai: Whom my brother hates the most. (LOL) 

JIva: What kind of criterion is this?

Nitai: I love on need basis. Where the highest need is there I provide the highest love there. 

Jiva: Don’t you have any other work to do? You just keep on loving others?

Nitai: It is the most important work I guess. There is only one thing which everyone is trying to find in this world and there is only one thing which is missing in this world, i.e., true love. 

Jiva: How can you say that there is no true love in this world? 

Nitai: A watchmaker knows everything about the watch.

Jiva: Oh! So you are trying to tell me that you are the creator of this world.

Nitai: Not exactly. 

Jiva: Then what exactly?

Nitai: I am the creator of the creator of this world. 

JIva: What do you wish to say? Can you be a little more clear?

Nitai: More clear? Alright. So be it. I am the creator of the creator of the creator of the creator of the creator of the creator of the creator of this world. (LOL, disappears)

Jiva: (Faints due to excessive clarity) 

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,

Nitaimani das

Nitai Vayulekhan is a CelebrationFor the Soul!

If you know the unique position of Nitai then you are indeed very fortunate. In fact, you are one of the most fortunate persons of this entire creation. Those who have huge bank balances, uncountable assets, an extremely beautiful spouse, high level of education, and the most loving family, are indeed fortunate. But their fortune stands nowhere in front of a person who simply knows Nitai. You don’t know how many lives of sukriti is required to simply become aware of Nitai. You must celebrate this fact daily that out of great good fortune you have come to the platform of worshipping Nitai as God. Yes this is such a special achievement that you can celebrate it daily till the end of your life. 
Nitai Vayulekhan is a kind of celebration for the soul as finally its search for the best God in the entire creation is over. We raise our hand and write निताइ in the air to celebrate the fact that we have finally got a Lord who so convincingly says, “I’m all yours”. With the very first syllable, Nitai shows us that He is so keen to give away Himself to us. We must never take our hard-earned faith in Nitai lightly. It is the wealth which we have acquired as a result of spiritual piety in millions of lives. The most distant destination of Golok looks very close when Nitai joins us in our spiritual journey. When we have such a lovely companion with us during our journey then we don’t even care how far the destination is. As we are able to relish the journey itself every moment. Nitai’s companionship via Nitai Vayulekhan is our true solace. 
The spiritual journey to Golok is supposed to be very difficult and long. They say that the path to Golok is full of thorns. But when we have Nitai Vayulekhan with us, we feel we are walking on flower petals. We don’t feel any fatigue while walking continuously on this path at a fast pace without any break. Nitai Vayulekhan is like an energy booster which does not let us get exhausted while we are walking on this path to Golok. 
With the best Lord on our side and the highest process of Nitai Vayulekhan to defend us, we are fully prepared to face all kinds of challenges from Maya. We are fully confident that Nitai’s unbounded mercy will make us invincible in the midst of all tests and tribulations. Just like the Pandavas were able to defeat great unbeatable warriors during the war of Mahabharat with the support of Lord Krishna, we are also confident that Nitai Vayulekhan will surely make us victorious in the war against our greatest enemy, our own uncontrolled mind. And because it is Nitai and not Krishna, we don’t even need to be like the exalted Pandavas. Even if we will be like the Kauravas still Nitai won’t let us be defeated. Thus, there is no harm even if celebrate our victory in advance because once Nitai has entered our lives He won’t exit before dropping us to Golok. Joy Nitai. Joy Nitai Vayulekhan.
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das

Nitai and Jiva – A Conversation Part 4


Nitai: Hey Jiva! I am back.
Jiva: Hey hi! Welcome back Nitai.
Nitai: How’s life?
Jiva: Life is boring.
Nitai: Why? I thought you were still celebrating.
Jiva: Celebrations are over. It was really not such a big thing.
Nitai: But at that moment it seemed the fulfillment of your greatest aspiration..
Jiva: Yes. The fact that I am promoted no longer excites me. I guess there was some truth in your old age stuff. I am realizing that nothing really lasts.
Nitai: There was not some truth but it was complete truth. You have realized only a part of it as yet.
Jiva: Why are you so confident about everything? As if you understand everything that goes around?
Nitai: As if?
Jiva: Yes. As if.
Nitai: (LOL) (Nitai doesn’t disappear. He has more to talk today)
Jiva: You are hilarious. Always so cheerful.
Nitai: I told you I have many names. Another prominent one is Nityananda.
Jiva: And what does Nityananda mean?
Nitai: One who is always in bliss.
Jiva: It sounds you are a drug addict. A drunkard.
Nitai: Haha! You remind me of Advait.
Jiva: Who is he?
Nitai: He is also a drunkard (Haha). A friend of mine. But people think we are not friends. As we are always fighting.
Jiva: It is so cool. But how can you be always in bliss even if you are a drunkard. Don’t you have a hangover?
Nitai: My drink is not any alcoholic beverage. I drink the nectar of concentrated love of Godhead. The greatest intoxicant which has no hangover or side effect.
Jiva: Ohh! Once again. You are back to love of Godhead.
Nitai: Ahh! Love of Godhead only makes me Nityananda.
Jiva: I also wish to become Nityananda.
Nitai: Haha!! O Jiva. One day you’ll also be Nityananda (eternally blissful). I promise.
Jiva: Ohh so nice of you. I also wish to rise above temporary happiness.
Nitai: Your wish is my command. I am always at your service Jiva. Never hesitate in asking anything. I won’t disappoint you.
Jiva: Wow! Now I understand. You are a genie.
Nitai: Yes. Sort of. But not the one who stays in a bottle. (LOL)
Jiva: You are really very mysterious. I wish to know more about you.
Nitai: Ohh then you can read Nityananda Charitamrita.
Jiva: Is it an auto-biography?
Nitai: Sort of.
Jiva: Sort of?
Nitai: Yes. I dictated and the author (Vrindavan das Thakur) wrote. (Haha)
Jiva: Why didn’t you write yourself?
Nitai: The author is very dear to me. I always want my dear ones to be glorified.
Jiva: That’s so nice of you. However, from your looks I can guess that you are not much literate that’s why you didn’t write yourself.
Nitai: Haha! Yes. You are right. Last time I studied in Dwapar Yug at Sandipani Muni’s Ashram only. In Kali Yug, right from my birth I was busy distributing the beverage of pure love. So no time to study. My brother did my share of studies as well and became a great scholar (Nimai Pandit).
Jiva: Your brother didn’t distribute love of Godhead?
Nitai: He incarnated for that only. But I don’t know why He wasted 19 years in studying logic and grammar. (Hahaha) Just kidding. He also distributed love of Godhead. But as per His mood. He is very moody. (LOL)
Jiva: You talk a lot about your brother. You love Him a lot I guess.
Nitai: He dearer to me than my own life.
Jiva: It seems you are unmarried. Such a strong bond between brothers doesn’t exist once they get married.
Nitai: Ohh no. You are wrong. I am married. Not once, but twice.
Jiva: Impossible!!
Nitai: What! Can’t I have two wives?
Jiva: No. I mean to say it is impossible for one to have two wives and still be Nityananda. How can you still be so joyful? What’s the secret?
Nitai: (LOL) Our entire family does Kirtan of the Lord together. That’s the secret. Every householder must do this. Then there will be no quarrels then. Only bliss.
Jiva: Hmm. Kirtan? I heard a family that eats together stays together.
Nitai: Yes they eat together. They stay together. And they fight together. (Hahaha)
Jiva: You speak as if you can see what takes place in every house.
Nitai: As if?
Jiva: Yes. As if.
Nitai: (LOL and disappears)

Touch Nitai, Get Nam-ruchi!(Based on Hari Nam Chintamani)

In the 4th chapter of Hari Nam Chintamani, Shrila Bhaktivinod Thakur writes,
vaiṣṇava dehete thāke śrī-kṛṣṇera śakti 
sei deha sparśe anye haya kṛṣṇa-bhakti

“Lord Krishna’s power rests in the body of such a Vaishnava. Simply by the TOUCH OF HIS BODY others may attain devotional service.” (Text 52)
Krishna’s shakti surely resides in the bodies of pure Vaishnavas. But such powerful Vaishnavas are very rarely found in Kali Yug. It is also said that by coming in contact with such Vaishnavas can only one obtain devotional service to Krishna. What if I tell you that there is a way by which you can touch the body of all Vaishnavas together while comfortable sitting in your home? Yes, there is a way. There is one personality in this creation by whose mercy everything can become miraculously easy, simple, and practicable. That personality is so unique that He has got solutions to all the problems that one can possibly face in one’s material or spiritual life. He is surely the only reliable rope which we can hold in order to save ourselves from drowning in this ghastly material ocean. He is the only rope for the ‘ropeless’, that is, the only hope for the ‘hopeless’. 
Yes. You are right. That personality is Nitai. And the miraculous way to touch the body of this topmost Vaishnav along with the body of all other Vaishnavas (Nitai is Vaishnav-dham) combined is Nitai Vayulekhan. When we do Nitai Vayulekhan, that is when we write Nitai’s name in air with our finger, we are directly touching Nitai only because abhinnatvan nama-naminoh. There is no difference between Nitai and Nitai’s name. 
Shrila Bhaktivinod Thakur is mentioning the glories of touching a Vaishnav because he wants to teach us what all is favorable for Nam bhajan. He knows that if we will go near a pure devotee and get a chance to receive his touch then that pure devotee’s Krishna-bhakti and nam-ruchi will enter into us. Thus, who will miss a chance of doing Nitai Vayulekhan after knowing how favorable it is for one’s Hari nam bhajan? The level of Nitai’s Krishna consciousness and nam-ruchi is matchless. So getting a chance to touch His transcendental body by Vayulekhan should not be missed by any sane person.  
Shrila Bhaktivinod Thakur also reveals why the bodies of certain devotees start trembling upon doing Nitai Vayulekhan,
vaiṣṇava-nikaṭe yadi baise kata-lakṣaṇa 

deha haite haya kṛṣṇa-śakti niḥsaraṇa 

sei śakti śraddhāvān hṛdaye paśiyā 

bhaktira udaya kare deha kāṅpāiyā 

“If for a few moments one stays near a Vaishnava, one will come into contact with Lord Krishna’s power coming from that Vaishnava’s body. When it enters a FAITHFUL person’s heart, THAT POWER MAKES THE BODY TREMBLE. It makes devotional service arise in that heart.” (Text 54 & 55)
Thus, those who faithfully associate with Nitai via the process of Nitai Vayulekhan will experience ecstatic symptoms like trembling of the body, flow of tears in the eyes, and much more. Without doubt. 
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das