Unique mercy of Nitai

🌺 Shrila Bhaktirakshak Shridhar Goswami Maharaj gives a great example to describe the unique mercy of Nitai. He says that when you a go to a particular department of a hospital and they refuse to admit you then you go to another department. You go to that department which is more accommodating. Similarly, we all are suffering from material disease since time immemorial and we need proper treatment now. We may directly go to Gaur-Krishna but He may refuse to admit us. He has hundreds of valid reasons to reject us. However, Nitai is the most accommodating Lord. He does not refuse to treat any soul. Even if there are hundreds and thousands of reasons to reject someone, Nitai would invariably ignore all such reasons and embrace a soul who approaches Him.


Published by

Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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