Nitai Forgives The Most Deadly Offense:Vaishnav Aparadh

💥 A person who criticizes a devotee on any grounds is sure to be punished by Yamaraj. Even an advanced devotee may instantly turn into a non-devotee if he commits an offense against a Vaishnav.   
💥 The creeper of devotion begins to collapse as soon as we start becoming critical and envious of other devotees.

💥 If words of criticism emanate from our mouth for a pure devotee then Krishna simply won’t forgive us.

💥 We must watch our mouth at every moment. Speaking ill of other devotees is like breathing fire from our mouth which burns us only.

💥 We must overlook all kinds of apparent faults in Vaishnavas and concentrate on our own Bhakti. Finding faults in Vaishnavas within our minds will one day come out as verbal criticisms as well.

💥 The first step is to repent in case an offense against a devotee has been committed.

💥 The second step is to personally beg forgiveness from the devotee against whom you have committed the offense. 

💥 If you cannot take the second step due to a genuine reason then understand this very well that Nitai is your only hope now. As a matter of fact, in most of the cases, we are not able to take the second step and suffer a great loss in bhakti. 
Shrila Vrindavan das Thakur writes in Sri Chaitanya Bhagawat, 
Nityananda praaade se vaishnavere chini…

Nityananda praaade se ninda haya kshaya.

“By the mercy of Nityananda, one can recognise who is a Vaishnav. By His mercy, the offence of criticizing the Vaishnav is also destroyed!” (CB 2.22.135-136)
💥 By the mercy of Nitai the most deadly offense of Vaishnav Ninda is forgiven. 

💥 Nitai is the only hope for offenders who cannot resist committing offenses against Vaishnavas. 

💥 As Nitai is the the cumulative abode of all Vaishnavas, only He is in a position to forgive all your offenses against Vaishnavas which you committed knowingly or unknowingly.

💥 If you criticize a Vaishnav in front of anyone then nobody can protect your creeper of devotion except Nitai. 

Verbally speaking bad about a Vaishnav is worse than mentally thinking bad about a Vaishnav. So, if Nitai is ready to forgive the offense of verbal criticism of a Vaishnav then He would surely forgive mental offenses too. 

💥 Nitai forgives all other offenses and sins without our asking for it. Vaishnav Aparadh is the only offense for which we need to explicitly and wholeheartedly ask Nitai for forgiveness. 

💥 Nitai not only forgives us for all our offenses against Vaishnavas but He also destroys our offensive mentality by making us geuinely humble. 

💥 Nitai is the root of the creeper of devotion. As long as you tightly hold His lotus feet, your creeper of devotion will be saved no matter what kind of mistake you make. At any cost, do not let your grip be lose. Catch His lotus feet as tightly as possible as the only means of guaranteed forgiveness for all your mistakes.  
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,

Nitaimani das


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Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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