Doyal Nitai – The Life of Shrivas Pandit’s House


One of the hundred names of Gauranga Mahaprabhu, written by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, is ‘shrinivas-griha-dhana’, which means, the treasure of Shrila Shrivas Thakura’s home. It is true indeed. But who was the ‘life’ of Shrivas Thakur’s home? Who was ‘shrinivasa-griha-prana’? It was Nitai.

shrivasera ghare nityanandera vasati
‘bapa’ bali’ shrivasere karaye piriti

“Lord Nitai lived in Shrivasa’s home and affectionately called Shrivasa “father’.” (CB 2.11.7)

Day and night Nitai was in the mood of a small boy. He was not aware of external events.
Nitai considered Himself a cowherd boy of Vraja and Shrivas and Malini as His father and mother. It was the greatest good fortune of Shrivas and Malini that Nitai chose to stay in their house. They received the transcendental association of Nitai day and night. It was the golden period of their life to host Nitai in their house. On top of all this, their good fortune didn’t end here, they got the chance to act as parents of Nitai. To become the father and mother of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is not an ordinary achievement. Sutapa (Vasudev) and Prishni (Devaki) underwent severe austerities and penance to obtain Krishna as their son. Similarly, Drona (Nanda) and Dhara (Yashoda) performed austerities for ten thousand years so they might obtain Lord Krishna as their son.

So you can just imagine the extent of Nitai’s merciful nature that He not just stayed as a guest in the house of Shrivas and Malini but also gave them the chance to become His parents. People bring Laddu Gopal deities to their homes and worship Gopal in the parental mood. Similarly, Shrivas and Malini got Laddu Nitai in their home by rare fortune and they exchanged love with Doyal Nitai day and night in a parental mood. This worship of Doyal Nitai (Nitai in His childhood form) is propagated at the present moment by the Nitai Vayulekhan Mission along with the worship of निताइ Nam Shilas. Worship of Doyal Nitai and निताइ Nam Shila at home is indeed the perfection of household life.

Although Nitai performed unlimited pastimes in the house of Shrivas, only a small fraction of these pastimes is described in the revealed scriptures. Shrivas and Malini wanted this golden period of their life to continue forever. But, the will of the Lord is supreme. It did not last very long. After Gaur took Sannyas, Nitai also went with Gaur to Puri. Shrivas and Malini could not tolerate the pain of separation from Nitai. Nitai was the life of their home and when Nitai went away the khol-bhanga-sthan (Where the Mridang was broken by the soldiers of Kazi) became pran-bhanga-sthan (Staying there was very painful to Shrivas and Malini) for them. Thus, just like the Ekachakra-vasis, Shrivas and Malini left their house and they left even Navadvip. Their house reminded them of the sweetest love exchanges which they had with Bal Nitai and the ecstatic dancing of Nitai Gaur in their courtyard. They shifted their residence to Kumar Hatta just like the Ekachakra-vasis shifted to Rampur. Shifting to Kumar Hatta was probably not the complete solution. What kind of vipralambha bhava they must have experienced even in Kumar Hatta, nobody can imagine.

Worthless disiciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das


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Nitaimani das

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