If Nitai Wills Then Our Free Will Will Never be Misused!

Yes, Nitai is the only Lord who can go to the extent of changing the free will of the souls. He can play with our free will whenever He wants to. No doubt, this sounds strange and unacceptable. But this is very much true and is done only for the ultimate welfare of a living entity. However, such a radical step is taken very rarely and even Nitai does not use this policy in all His pastimes of the deliverance of the fallen souls. For most of the cases, He uses a separate mechanism to deliver us from Maya. Let us try to understand that mechanism first.

Shrila Prabhupad writes in the purport of SB 7.15.45, that Krishna gives us the sword of knowledge in the form of His instructions but the strength to hold that sword is received by Nitai. Thus, Krishna tries to tell us what is right and what is wrong but unless we receive the strength from Nitai we cannot do what is right and avoid what is wrong. Suppose we are locked up in a prison and we wish to come out of it. By great good fortune, we receive a sword by which we can get out of it. However, the presence of a sword is meaningless unless we have the strength and ability to use the sword to get out of the jail. We receive a very powerful sword from Krishna in the form of Bhagwad Gita which can liberate us from this material bondage but without Nitai’s mercy we cannot use the sword practically, that is, we cannot apply that highest knowledge in our real life to go back to Godhead.

There are two things- will and willpower. If somebody wants to quit smoking then that is his will. However, a will to quit smoking is not enough. One also needs the ‘willpower’ to quit smoking, that is, the ‘power to execute one’s will’. All devotees have the will to overcome Maya but what they lack is willpower. For instance, I wish to control the urge of my belly. My will is there. But because I do not have the required willpower I always end up eating more than what is required to keep my body and soul together. Thus we can understand that mere will is not sufficient, one needs adequate willpower as well to advance in Bhakti. The reason why Nitai is so special is that in the form of Sadhu, Guru, and Shastra, He reveals to us the right use of our free will and then by His name, form, qualities, pastimes, associates, and abode, He bestows upon us abundant willpower. He provides us with so much willpower that to say ‘No’ to the temptations of Maya becomes very easy.

“āra kabe nitāi-cānder koruṇā hoibe
saḿsāra-bāsanā mora kabe tuccha ha’be

When will I obtain the mercy of Lord Nitai Chand? When, by His mercy will the desire for material enjoyment become very insignificant?”

The desire for material enjoyment becomes insignificant when one receives the mercy of Nitai. This means that the desire or will for material enjoyment is not being entirely removed or eliminated. It is simply being made very insignificant. That is to say, it gets very easy for a devotee to overcome this desire as it is no longer significant, it has become ‘tuchha’. Nitai does this by awarding us higher spiritual taste and bliss. He saturates our gross body, subtle body, and the soul with so much bliss that we no longer feel an inclination for material enjoyment. Thus, in general cases, He does not even need to forcefully snatch away our free will. He can stop our misuse of free will by providing us much better happiness in the right use of free will so that we are naturally compelled to give up the misuse of free will. If this mechanism does not work for a particular living entity then Nitai is even ready to go to the extent of changing that living entity’s free will in order to deliver him. For example, if one receives the mercy of Nitai in the form of higher spiritual taste but still he seeks the lower materialistic pleasures out of sheer foolishness then Nitai may intervene and still save him. Such a high level of affection Nitai has for everyone that it is hard to take shelter of any other Lord after knowing Him.


To sum, Nitai awards us higher spiritual taste even in our impure and conditioned state which increases our willpower to resist desires for material enjoyment by making them insignificant. This is not done by Gaur-Krishna as He grants us higher spiritual taste only when we first give up the desire for material enjoyment which is extremely difficult.


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Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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