Nitai and Jiva – A Conversation Part 3

Nitai: Hey hi! I’m your friend Nitai. Remember?
Jiva: How can I forget you? Nobody can forget you.
Nitai: Ohh thanks for the compliment.
Jiva: It was not a compliment. I remembered you just because of your weirdness.
Nitai: Haha. Still thanks for remembering me. (You are already delivered because you didn’t forget me!) Well, what’s happening Jiva?
Jiva: Everything is going great. I got promoted.
Nitai: Congrats. Are you happy now?
Jiva: Yes. I am celebrating daily.
Nitai: For how many more days will you celebrate?
Jiva: I can’t you tell the exact number of days. Maybe a couple of more days. You always ask strange questions.
Nitai: And what after a couple of more days?
Jiva: Then life will continue normally like before.
Nitai: Hmm. I feel you deserve better quality of happiness. This kind of flickering happiness is not compatible with your design. (Soul seeks eternal happiness)
Jiva: My design?
Nitai: Yes. You are a spiritual particle of God known as a soul. And you are designed in a way that only spiritual happiness can truly satisfy you.
Jiva: From where do you hear all this old age stuff?
Nitai: What makes you think it is old age stuff?
Jiva: Mostly old people only listen to and discuss such things.
Nitai: Have you ever wondered why old people discuss all this?
Jiva: Yes. Because they don’t have anything else to pass their time.
Nitai: I feel they do so because they realize that all this only really matters based on their life’s experiences.
Jiva: Maybe. I don’t care.
Nitai: I just wanted to make you realize that you deserve much more than this. The happiness which I can give you is matchless.
Jiva: I feel odd when you start offering so much. Are you expecting something from me?
Nitai: No. Not at all. I told you I love you unconditionally. Remember?
Jiva: It simply doesn’t make sense. I don’t know why I am not able to appreciate your love claims.
Nitai: I wish you could. People are running after those who are not ready to offer anything for free. I’m ready to give you everything, including myself, but you are not ready to take.
Jiva: Oh Nitai! Don’t be sad! Don’t lose hope.
Nitai: My sorrow is borrowed (i.e., it is yours). And I have still not lost hope. I never give up on someone. If I will give up then who will save you. When I say ‘take me’, I actually mean it.
Jiva: What will you save me from?
Nitai: From my brother’s laws. (Haha)
Jiva: Your brother’s laws? Who is your brother?
Nitai: My brother is a cowherd boy. But He is very notorious for His strict laws. He also performs pastimes as a devotee in Navadvip.
Jiva: I am not afraid of the laws of a cowherd boy. You and your family seems completely insane.
Nitai: I know you are too egoistic to become subordinate to my Bro. That is why I have to interfere.
JIva: Why should I abide by His laws?
Nitai: Because your ultimate welfare lies in that. If you’ll abide by His laws then you’ll always be happy.
Jiva: It seems He also loves me ‘unconditionally’ like you do. (Laughs loudly)
Nitai: Yes His love for you is also ‘unconditional’ but only after a few ‘conditions’ are met.(Laughs louder than the Jiva)
Jiva: What! How can it be ‘unconditional’ then?
Nitai: Even I don’t get it. I have tried asking this question to Him many times. But He is always busy with His girlfriend(s).
Jiva: Oooooooo girlfriend. His laws must be fun I guess.
Nitai: His laws are fun only for Himself. For others, all this fun is not allowed. According to Him, He is the sole rightful illicit lover in the entire creation.
Jiva: What do you mean by ‘not allowed’? Is He the supreme controller?
Nitai: Yes, theoretically.
Jiva: Theoretically?
Nitai: Yes. Practically even He is controlled by His lovers.
Jiva: Then who is the ultimate controller of this creation?
Nitai: Love. Love of Godhead.
JIva: Ahh! Love of Godhead. I have heard people say, “God is love and love is God”.
Nitai: Yes. That’s true. Not ordinary love but love of Godhead. You have heard a lot now it is time to experience it.

Jiva: How can I experience it?
Nitai: Take me!
Jiva: Oh again you are trying to sell yourself. You are quite adamant.
Nitai: I can even beg you to take me.
Jiva: Your brother is the supreme daddy. Why do you need to beg?
Nitai: I cannot see the suffering of His lost sons who have forgotten Him.
Jiva: If we are His lost sons then He should come looking for us. Why do you have to do that?
Nitai: Because I know your pains much more than Him.
Jiva: You are saying as if you are incharge of the lost souls. As if you have taken a resolve to take us back to your brother.
Nitai: As if?
Jiva: Yes. As if.
Nitai: (COL) (Cries out loud and disappears)

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das


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Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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