O Nitai, I am coming!Shrila Jiva enters Navadvip

prabhu-nityaananda-naama kariyaa shravana

dharanite pade jiva haye acetana

“Just on hearing the name ‘Nityananda’, Jiva Goswami fell to the ground unconscious.” 
Even a Manjari falls down to the ground simply by hearing the name of Nitai. Although the Manjaris are completely sold out to Shri Radha, they never fail to go mad upon singing the glories of Nitai. Shrila Jiva Goswami eternally serves Shrimati Radhika as Vilas Manjari. Despite being a Manjari he had immense attachment to Nitai. He had such an intense craving to have Nitai’s darshan that the very name of Nitai caused the highest symptoms of ecstasy to manifest in his transcendental body. His eagerness to fall at the lotus feet of Nitai could not be checked by anything. In fact, it increased manifold as soon as He entered Navadvip where Nitai was waiting even more eagerly to meet him. Shrila Jiva very well knew the non-difference between Nitai and Nitai’s name, that is why He fell to the ground instantly upon hearing ‘Nityananda’. 
O when will that day be mine when I will get a fraction of attachment that Shrila Jiva had for Nitai and His sweet name?    
kshaneka uthiyaa bale bada bhaagya mama

prabhu-nityaananda-kripaa paaila adhama

After a few moments he got up and exclaimed, “Oh, I am greatly fortunate. Though the lowest of men, I have received the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu.”
The greatest fortune of a living entity is to obtain the direct audience of Nitai. When Shrila Jiva heard that Nitai wanted to see him, He could not control his happiness. The outburst of happiness was so forceful that he fell to the ground unconscious. His body could not contain the excitement. As if his ears were waiting to hear this news for many lifetimes. Receiving the mercy of Nitai, he felt as if Gaur-Radhey-Shyam were in his palms now. Why shouldn’t he feel so? This is the highest truth. He considered himself lowest of men, but one who has so much attachment to Nitai is actually the highest of men. 
O Nitai, when will I receive your mercy and fall unconscious to the ground upon hearing your name?
se-saba vaishnava-gane dandavata haye

pranaama karaye jiva praphulla-hridaye

bale tumi sabe more haile sadaya

nityaananda-pada paai sarva-shaastre kaya

Offering his dandavats to those devotees with a glad heart, he said, “If you all show mercy to me, then I can get the mercy of Nityananda. This is the verdict of scriptures.”
The topmost secret is revealed here by Shrila Jiva Goswami. In spite of being Vilas Manjari, he is humbly seeking the blessings of the servants of Nitai. He knew that when the hearts of the servants of Nitai get soft for someone then only full mercy of Nitai is received by a living entity. And when full mercy of Nitai is received, then only can one gain the favor of Shrimati Radharani. Thus, even if one is pursuing the highest Manjari bhav in Radha Krishna lila still one must become lower than a blade of grass in front of the intimate servants of Nitai and beg for their mercy. Then only can one expect an entry into Radha’s camp. This is the verdict of sadhu, guru, and shastra. 
O Nitai when will I render pleasing services to your servants and thus obtain your sidelong merciful glance?     
Note: All the three verses are from the 4th chapter of Navadvip Dham Mahatmaya by Shrila Bhaktivinod Thakur.
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das


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Nitaimani das

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