Touch Nitai Some Way Or The OtherFor Eternal Happiness!

Shrila Bhaktivedant Swami Prabhupad said,

If you catch nitāiyer, the lotus feet of Nityānanda, then you become immediately spiritualized. Just like if you touch electricity, immediately you become electrified. That is natural. Similarly, Nityānanda is eternal happiness, IF YOU TOUCH NITYANANDA SOME WAY OR THE OTHER, then you become also eternally happy. (690131 – Lecture Purport to Nitai-Pada-Kamala – Los Angeles)

This is indeed so reassuring. Shrila Prabhupad is saying that if we touch Nitai some way or the other, then we also become eternally happy. Wow! What a statement! Shrila Prabhupad is not using any other word but ‘touch’. Prabhupad knows that as conditioned souls we cannot directly touch the body of Nitai. That is why He said some way or the other you touch Nitai. You will also become eternally happy. This is really awesome. Nitai Vayulekhan is approved by Shrila Prabhupad as well. Let this statement remain firmly-fixed in our hearts always. How can servants of Nitai ever be sad? It is simply not possible. Especially those who regularly do Nitai Vayulekhan. Nitai Vayulekhan is nothing but touching Nitai directly in the most original and sublime form of His name. Nitai’s name is the greatest source of ecstatic electricity. When we touch it how can we not get a shock?  
In the same lecture Prabhupad repeatedly urged everyone to come in contact with Nitai,
“Then he (Narrotam das Thakur) says, se sambandha nāhi jā’r, bṛthā janma gelo tā’r: “One who has not been able to CONTACT Nityānanda, then one should think of himself that he has simply spoiled his valuable life.” Bṛthā janma gelo, bṛthā means for nothing, and janma means life. Gelo tā’r, spoiled. Because he has not made connection with Nityānanda.” 
“As there are some animals that cannot be tamed, so anyone who has not CONTACTED Nityānanda, he should be considered as an untamed animal. Sei paśu boro durācār.” 
“Simply, if we want eternal pleasure, we must CONTACT Nityānanda.”
All glories to Narrotam das Thakur and Shrila Prabhupad for revealing such confidential secrets. Nobody can bypass the worship of Nitai after reading this. All those who have not yet come in contact with Nitai, there life is still a waste. No one can think of making this rare human life successful without getting aware of one’s dormant and eternal relationship with Nitai. The Nitai Vayulekhan Mission, under the leadership of Shrila Nitaipreshthji Bhaktiratna Sadhu, is zealously trying to add meaning to the lives of countless people as Nitai Vayulekhan is the best way for fallen souls to come in contact with Nitai and realize their eternal connection with NItai. As the process of Nitai Vayulekhan will spread far and wide, we hope that thousands and millions of souls will come in contact with Nitai and their valuable lives will be saved from getting spoiled.  
We humbly request everyone with folded hands to take these statements of the Acaryas very seriously. Do not neglect them as mere poetry or exaggerations. These statements are perfect as they are spoken by perfect devotees who know all the conclusions of the scriptures. This Nitai Vayulekhan Mission has been established only out of ‘jiva daya’ and there is no other ulterior motive behind it. When Nitai opened a marketplace of the holy names, people received the holy names directly from Nitai. So they automatically came in contact with Nitai. However, when today Nitai is no longer present with us in His manifested form, we urge everyone to still receive the pure holy name by still coming in contact with Nitai first by the process of Nitai Vayulekhan. 
Conclusion (in the words of Shrila Prabhupad)

“If you are anxious to go back to home, back to Godhead, and become associate with Rādhā and Kṛṣṇa, then the best policy is to take shelter of Nityānanda.” (Shrila Prabhupad’s translation of a segment of Narrotam das Thakur’s bhajan ‘Nitai Pada Kamal’)

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das


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Nitaimani das

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