Nitai and Jiva – A Conversation Part 4


Nitai: Hey Jiva! I am back.
Jiva: Hey hi! Welcome back Nitai.
Nitai: How’s life?
Jiva: Life is boring.
Nitai: Why? I thought you were still celebrating.
Jiva: Celebrations are over. It was really not such a big thing.
Nitai: But at that moment it seemed the fulfillment of your greatest aspiration..
Jiva: Yes. The fact that I am promoted no longer excites me. I guess there was some truth in your old age stuff. I am realizing that nothing really lasts.
Nitai: There was not some truth but it was complete truth. You have realized only a part of it as yet.
Jiva: Why are you so confident about everything? As if you understand everything that goes around?
Nitai: As if?
Jiva: Yes. As if.
Nitai: (LOL) (Nitai doesn’t disappear. He has more to talk today)
Jiva: You are hilarious. Always so cheerful.
Nitai: I told you I have many names. Another prominent one is Nityananda.
Jiva: And what does Nityananda mean?
Nitai: One who is always in bliss.
Jiva: It sounds you are a drug addict. A drunkard.
Nitai: Haha! You remind me of Advait.
Jiva: Who is he?
Nitai: He is also a drunkard (Haha). A friend of mine. But people think we are not friends. As we are always fighting.
Jiva: It is so cool. But how can you be always in bliss even if you are a drunkard. Don’t you have a hangover?
Nitai: My drink is not any alcoholic beverage. I drink the nectar of concentrated love of Godhead. The greatest intoxicant which has no hangover or side effect.
Jiva: Ohh! Once again. You are back to love of Godhead.
Nitai: Ahh! Love of Godhead only makes me Nityananda.
Jiva: I also wish to become Nityananda.
Nitai: Haha!! O Jiva. One day you’ll also be Nityananda (eternally blissful). I promise.
Jiva: Ohh so nice of you. I also wish to rise above temporary happiness.
Nitai: Your wish is my command. I am always at your service Jiva. Never hesitate in asking anything. I won’t disappoint you.
Jiva: Wow! Now I understand. You are a genie.
Nitai: Yes. Sort of. But not the one who stays in a bottle. (LOL)
Jiva: You are really very mysterious. I wish to know more about you.
Nitai: Ohh then you can read Nityananda Charitamrita.
Jiva: Is it an auto-biography?
Nitai: Sort of.
Jiva: Sort of?
Nitai: Yes. I dictated and the author (Vrindavan das Thakur) wrote. (Haha)
Jiva: Why didn’t you write yourself?
Nitai: The author is very dear to me. I always want my dear ones to be glorified.
Jiva: That’s so nice of you. However, from your looks I can guess that you are not much literate that’s why you didn’t write yourself.
Nitai: Haha! Yes. You are right. Last time I studied in Dwapar Yug at Sandipani Muni’s Ashram only. In Kali Yug, right from my birth I was busy distributing the beverage of pure love. So no time to study. My brother did my share of studies as well and became a great scholar (Nimai Pandit).
Jiva: Your brother didn’t distribute love of Godhead?
Nitai: He incarnated for that only. But I don’t know why He wasted 19 years in studying logic and grammar. (Hahaha) Just kidding. He also distributed love of Godhead. But as per His mood. He is very moody. (LOL)
Jiva: You talk a lot about your brother. You love Him a lot I guess.
Nitai: He dearer to me than my own life.
Jiva: It seems you are unmarried. Such a strong bond between brothers doesn’t exist once they get married.
Nitai: Ohh no. You are wrong. I am married. Not once, but twice.
Jiva: Impossible!!
Nitai: What! Can’t I have two wives?
Jiva: No. I mean to say it is impossible for one to have two wives and still be Nityananda. How can you still be so joyful? What’s the secret?
Nitai: (LOL) Our entire family does Kirtan of the Lord together. That’s the secret. Every householder must do this. Then there will be no quarrels then. Only bliss.
Jiva: Hmm. Kirtan? I heard a family that eats together stays together.
Nitai: Yes they eat together. They stay together. And they fight together. (Hahaha)
Jiva: You speak as if you can see what takes place in every house.
Nitai: As if?
Jiva: Yes. As if.
Nitai: (LOL and disappears)


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