Execute Devotional Service in Nitai Dham Ekachakra


  • Unless one is very advanced in spiritual life, it is recommended that he live in such holy places and execute devotional service there. (Shrila Prabhupad’s commentary to SB 4.8.42)
  • All Dhams are so merciful and spiritually invigorating because they are manifestations of Nitai (Sandhini Shakti). Then just imagine how much more merciful and empowering Nitai’s own abode (Ekachakra) must be!
  • Ekachakra is the real powerhouse of Bhakti. One’s bhajan gets fully charged simply by remembering Ekachakra, what to speak of actually going there?
  • If one decides not to stay in Shri Dham out of fear of Dham Aparadh, then why doesn’t he decide not to chant the Holy Names out of fear of Nam Aparadh?
  • There is no fear of offenses in Ekachakra-Navadvipa!
    Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakur mentions in Navadvipa Dham Mahatmaya that one who has committed hundreds of offenses in Navadvipa Dham can easily overcome those offenses by the mercy of Nitai. Thus, there is no fear of offenses in Navadvipa just because of Nitai who resides eternally in the Ekachakra division of Golok’s Navadvipa partition.

एकचक्र सा धाम नहीं
निताइ चाँद सा प्रभु ।
निताइ नाम सा धन नहीं
निताइप्रेष्ठजी सा गुरु ।।

Joy Doyal निताइ !


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Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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