Nitai is Akrodha (Transcripts of 2 Audios)

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akrodha paramananda nityananda raya
abhimana sunya nitai nagare bedaya
Nitai is akrodha. Completely devoid of anger. He is that Lord who will never get angry no matter what kind of sin or offense is committed by you. You don’t need to be God-fearing, when your Lord is Nitai. You can become God-loving because there is no consideration, of any offense or mistake or sin. When there is no such consideration then how can there be any fear? Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu wanted the masses, the living entities, to become God-loving and not God-fearing. But how can the living entities, the degraded living entities of Kali yug who are constant offenders and sinners rise above the state of God-fearfulness and become God-loving. In such a situation it is but natural to become God-fearing when you know that the God, the Supersoul, is residing in heart and He is observing your every thought, your intentions behind your actions, He is watching all your actions, listening to all your words and observing all your thoughts. When you are aware of the Supersoul’s functional position then how can you not be God-fearing? You are aware that the Lord is aware of all your sinful and offensive thoughts, words, and deeds, then how can you be not God-fearing? And as long as that fear resides in your heart how can you develop love of Godhead. This problem can only be solved when you come to know about Nitai who is akrodha. He is ready to overlook all your sinful deeds, words, and thoughts. Even though He is the Supersoul, even though He is the with witness of each and every thing you don’t need to fear him, because He is akrodha. Joy Nitai!

2000px-Speaker_Icon.svg Audio 2

akrodha paramananda nityananda raya
abhimana sunya nitai nagare bedaya
Nitai is the supreme Lord of forgiveness. His forgiving nature is matchless, is unparalleled in the entire creation. Their are Lords who do not forgive you even after you repent for your mistakes. Their are some Lords who forgive you after you repent for your mistakes, but Nitai is completely different from everyone, from all Lords all forms of Godhead. Nitai is outstandingly forgiving. He forgives you even before you make the mistake. What to speak of repenting or atoning for the mistake. You have not even made the mistake and you are forgiven by Nitai. It is inconceivable, his forgiving nature. Whenever you hear the word “akrodha” you must remember Nitai because there is no personality so forgiving like Nitai.

Another meaning of akrodha is that Nitai’s anger if He gets angry sometimes, his anger is so harmless, is so blissful, is so pleasant. His anger is also pleasant, that is another meaning. When He was travelling all over India after leaving Ekachakra, He came across with some Buddhist monks, He asked them a question, but the Buddhist monks did not reply. They ignored Nitai’s question. So Nitai got angry from outside he was displaying anger and he kicked the Buddhist monks on their heads. The Buddhist monks they relished the kick of Nitai. And Srila Vrindavan das Thakur mentions that they were smiling even after receiving Nitai’s kick. They were not angry with Nitai, they were simply smiling. The Buddha gana, the Buddhist they went away, they ran away, but they were smiling. Such is the anger of Nitai. In Panihati, He was beating small children out of his own ecstasy but the children were laughing loudly after being beaten by Nitai. Although He beat them and bound them they would laugh loudly.

Another time when the Navadvipa basis were visiting Jagannath Puri for Rath Yatra, Shivanand Sen was making all arrangements and Nitai displayed some anger because of some delay and He kicked Shivanand Sen. Externally He was displaying that anger but Shivanand Sen got ecstatic after receiving Nitai’s kick. He started dancing. He couldn’t contain his joy. Have you ever witnessed, have you ever heard about such anger? An anger that is so delightful, so cheerful. Nitai was sometimes abusing Advaita Acharya, He was quarreling with Advaita Acharya, Advaita Acharya was relishing Nitai’s external angry words.

Well their is another meaning of “Akrodha” apart from this. This meaning is basically that Nitai is so transcendentally charged up with bliss, He’s Nityanand. Every inch of Nitai is Bliss

name nityananda tumi, rupe nityananda
ei tumi nityananda rama -murttimanta
(Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat, Madhya 12.18)
Nitai is bliss personified. So whenever He gets angry also the bliss gets transferred in that anger. So the ultimate result is bliss only. Even after He gets angry, the net result is bliss only. So this is one meaning of “Akrodha” .

Another meaning of “Akrodha” is that Nitai is Adi-guru, Jagat-guru. He is teaching us that you need not be “krodha shunya”. In the second sentence it is mentioned ” abhiman shunya” but you need not be “krodha shunya” because krodha can also be utilised in the service of the Lord. So Akrodha means that krodha which is utilised in the service of Lord. When someone criticises the devotees of the Lord then you get angry. That anger will deliver you. So as “Jagat-guru” is teaching us like we have “Karma and Akarma”. So “Akarma” does not means devoid of “Karma”. “Akarma” means that “Karma” which is devoid of bondage. So Akrodha basically can also mean that krodha which is devoid of material bondage, that krodha which will not give you negative result but will rather deliver you, will rather free you from the bondage of material world. That is another meaning of Akrodha and Nitai uses it sometimes in his pastimes as Balaram and also as Nitai sometimes externally He is getting angry but that is only for the service of the Lord and that anger is also so pleasant that the person who is receiving the anger of Nitai, He is getting delivered. So, He is not “krodha shunya” He is “Akrodha”, which means His krodha is transcendental. Akrodha means transcendental krodha, like Lord Hanuman can also be addressed as Akrodha even though He was getting angry most of the time during his pastimes but all that anger was for the service of Lord Ramachandra. So Hanuman can also be called Akrodha. But the forgiving nature of Nitai, it gives a completely different meaning of Akrodha. It takes Akrodha nature to such a high level, to the zenith, that nobody can go beyond. That is the highest form of transcendental anger or in one sense you can say the highest form of forgiveness. So their are multiple meanings of Akrodha. Hopefully by Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev’s mercy and Nitai’s mercy we will be discussing more meanings in future. Jaya akrodha paramananda nityananda raya.

Joy Nitai Vayulekhan. Joy Srila Gurudev.



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