Nitai’s Mercy on a Mendicant Brahmin: A Confidential Pastime

A pious brahmin once visited the house of Jagannath Mishra. He used to eat only after offering the food first to Lord Krishna. At night, when he cooked for the Lord and began offering the food to Krishna, child Nimai came and ate the offering. The brahmin got disturbed by it. He could not recognize the Lord of his heart who was standing just a few feet away from him. Nimai came to give him darshan but the brahmin could not recognize his eternal Lord. Jagannath Mishra got very angry and tried to rebuke Nimai but was stopped by the brahmin. Then, Jagannath Mishra, along with his friends and relatives, humbly requested the brahmin to cook once again. Nimai was taken to another house. The brahmin cooked again and began offering the food to Krishna. As soon as he invoked Krishna’s presence, Nimai came again by using His mystic powers, ate the rice and fled away. The brahmin cried out in disappointment. He thought that his offering has again been spoiled and he would have to fast that night. Jagannath Mishra completely lost his temper now. He got up, took a stick in his hand, and chased after the Lord in anger. Once again the brahmin held the hand of Jagannath Mishra and restrained him from punishing the Lord. Two times the brahming had already cooked. Now he had no more will to cook again. In fact, he perceived all this as the will of the Lord. Jagannath Mishra was extremely distressed and he could not raise his head in lamentation. Everyone lost hope. The brahmin decided to fast that day. At that time, Nitai intervened and gave His mercy to the brahmin in the form of Vishvarup.

henai samaye vishvarupa bhagavan
sei-sthane ailena maha-jyotir-dhama
sarva-ange nirupama lavanyera sima
catur-dasha-bhuvaneo nahika upama
skandhe yajna-sutra, brahma-teja murti-manta
murti-bhede janmila apani nityananda

“At that time the most powerful and effulgent Vishvarup came there. There is no comparison to the matchless sweetness of Vishvarup’s bodily limbs. A brahmin thread hung on His shoulder. He is the source of the Brahman effulgence and, though in a different form, He is directly Lord Nitai.”

Seeing Vishvarup’s extraordinary beauty, the mendicant brahmin was struck with wonder and stared at Him continuously in admiration. In fact, he developed so much attraction for Vishvarup that he embraced Vishvarup and remarked, “Glorious are the father and mother of such a son.” By developing such a favorable bhav (attitude) towards Vishvarup (Nitai), the brahmin got the qualification to see the Lord and recognize Him. In fact, the brahmin got so favorable that he said,

ye santosha pailana toma’ darashane
tahatei koti-koti karilun bhojane
“I have become so satisfied by seeing You (Vishvarup Nitai) that I feel as if I have eaten millions of meals.

Lord Vishvarup then requested the brahmin to cook once again. He said that if he will do so then everyone will be satisfied.

vishvarupa bolena,-“nahika kona dosha
tumi paka karile se sabara santosha”
“There will be no fault if you cook; everyone will be satisfied if you will cook.”

Indirectly, Nitai was giving a hint to the brahmin, that this time you will be truly satisfied. This time you have received my mercy. This time you will surely recognize the Lord of your heart and have His darshan. Two times the brahmin was deceived by Nimai, but as soon as he received Nitai’s mercy, Nimai had to reveal Himself. Thus, when the third time the brahmin cooked and offered it to Lord Krishna, Nimai came once again by putting everyone else to sleep by His mystic power. However, this time He revealed His Godhood in front of the brahmin by displaying His eight-handed form. The brahmin got blessed by the darshan and floated in the ecstasy of love of Godhead. In this way, Nitai, in the form of Vishvarup, mitigated the distress of His parents and enabled the brahmin to have darshan of the Lord. This is an amazing and confidential pastime which establishes the importance and indispensable need of Nitai’s mercy in the attainment of Gaur-Krishna.


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Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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