Path of Pure Devotional Service

  • Without receiving the mercy of Tulasi Maharani, who can become a Vraja vasi?
  • अन्याभिलाषिता शून्यं निताइ ग्रन्थ मंदिर वर्धनम
  • A simple lifestyle with uninterrupted devotional service is far better than initiating and managing mega projects which are indirectly linked with the path of pure devotion.
  • The aim of bhakti is to attain bhakti. Any other aim is a deviation.
  • The highest aspiration is to have a constant aspiration to attain the Lord. That constant greed, that constant thirst, which the Gopis had.

Published by

Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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