Offense-Proof Forms of Krishna in Ekachakra

  •  Banka Ray is a combination of Krishna and Nitai.. Banka means Bankey Bihari and Raya means Nityananda Raya.
  •  In Ekachakra, Nitai made all forms of Krishna also offense-proof.. Jagannath and Murlidhar He manifested Himself so they became offense-proof.. And Banka Ray who was not manifested by Him.. Nitai entered into Him to make Him offense-proof.. Nitai took all precautions in regards to offenses as far as His own Dham Ekachakra is concerned.. He did not leave Krishna on His own.. Otherwise He knew His younger brother will spoil the offense-free ambience of His offense-proof Dham.
  • We (fallen souls) can only approach that form of Krishna (madhurya) which has some connection with audarya. One can see Gauranga (audarya) in Radha-Raman so it is advisable to meditate on Radha-Raman while chanting Hari Nam. But if I told you that there is one form of Krishna that has a strong connection with maha-audarya (Nitai) instead of audarya (Gaur). Yes there is a form like that. And that is.. Banka Ray.. So it is even more beneficial and appropriate for us (fallen souls) to meditate on Banka Ray because of His connection with maha-audarya murti Nityananda Raya.. Joy Nitai.


  • In the Text 4 of Nityanandastakam, Shrila Vrindavan das Thakhur mentions that Nitai addresses His most beloved Gauranga as “Dear Brother”.
    …aye BHRATAR nrinam kali kalushinam kinnu bhavita..And in the very next verse (Text 5) he tells us that Nitai addresses even the ordinary fallen souls as “Dear Brothers”…yatheshtam re BHRATAH kuru hari hari dhvanam anisam..

    Uff! Can you imagine? Gaur is Nitai’s most beloved.. And we always address our most beloved with a name which we don’t use for anyone else.. But Nitai is addressing Gaur and the fallen souls both as BROTHERS.. Ohh! He is equally addressing the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the fallen souls. This is unimaginable.
    Till now we have heard uttam-adham kichu na kare vichar.. But here Nitai is crossing all limits of mercy.. By doing PURUSHOTTAM-ADHAM kichu na kare vichar.. In fact the word “Brother” itself has so much protective affection.. Which Nitai has for Gaur when Gaur dances like a madman.. Which Balai has for Krishna.. And the same protective affection which Nitai has for the fallen souls.. Remember how Nitai protected Jagai Madhai from Gaur’s wrath.


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Nitaimani das

Preacher of Nitainam Dhyan, Spiritual Author, and disciple of B.S. Nitaipreshthji

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