Gaur Feels Incomplete Without Nitai

suvibhranam bhratuh kara sarasijam komalataram
mitho vaktralokocchalita paramananda hridayam
(Sri Nityanandashtakam by Srila Vrindavana Das Thakur)

Nitai Gaura Haribol!
Nitai Gaura Haribol!

Gauranga Mahaprabhu is poorna (complete). He is complete in Himself but still He feels apoorna (incomplete) when Nitai is not there with Him. He feels incomplete, the most complete Lord in the entire creation, He also feels incomplete without Nitai. And when He is with Nitai, His joy, His bliss knows no bounds, no limits. He is limitlessly blissful because He is with Nitai!! Poorna Lord ‘really’ becomes poorna when He holds the hand of His brother, when He looks affectionately into the eyes of His brother. He feels ‘really complete’ at that time whether it is in the form of Ananta-shesha, Shesha Nag, in different forms of Vishnu or it is Laxmana or it is Balrama or Nitai, the poorna Lord, He always relishes the company of His brother.

suvibhranam bhratuh kara sarasijam komalataram
mitho vaktralokocchalita paramananda hridayam

Gauranga Mahaprabhu when He was in Puri, it is mentioned in the first chapter of Prema Vilasa that He used to miss Nitai so much, He sent Nitai for the deliverance of all fallen souls, He sent Nitai on a mission, but here He used to chant Nitai’s name. It is mentioned Mahaprabhu would chant Nitai’s name and He would not get conscious before nine hours. He would get unconscious for almost nine hours after chanting Nitai’s name, He used to miss Nitai so much. He would chant Nitai’s name with tears in His eyes and then He would faint. He was feeling incomplete without Nitai, then how can we feel complete or satisfied without attaining the Lotus Feet of Nitai? The Lord is also craving for that! If the Supreme Lord, the poorna, the complete Lord is also incomplete, is also craving for Nitai’s association, then how can we ever become satisfied or content without attaining Nitai’s Lotus Feet? This is a small realisation I had during Nitainam Lekhan today evening.

(10th November, 2016)

Joy Nitai!


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