About Nitaimani das

Nitaimani das is one of the most intimate, learned, and surrendered disciples of Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj. His knowledge, revelations, and insights about the principles of Nitai Bhakti and spirituality, in general, are unparalleled. He can assist and personally guide every Nitaibhakt in the most relevant and astonishing manner.

He truly cares for everyone personally without any bounds. He is also the right-hand of Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj in the service of writing the literature of Nitai Bhakti. He excelled in his education right from his childhood. He started speaking publicly and writing books about Bhakti when he was 13. He is literally a Nitai prodigy.

Since Sadhu Maharaj primarily writes, sings, speaks, and records about Lord Nitai by residing in Ekachakra and Radha Kund, he has expressly instructed his beloved disciple Nitaimani das to travel around the world, in order to enlighten and engage all the Nitaibhakts according to his own esoteric Nitai Bhakti mood.

Nitaimani das has dedicated his life to fulfill this order of his Gurupadapadma and always exceeds his Gurudev’s expectations. You can invite him for Satsangs anywhere in the world, or attend his regular Satsangs in Ekachakra and Radhakund, etc. In this way, please take repeated benefit of his rare Nitai-conscious association.

He can speak in English and Hindi. You can call him on phone/telegram/whatsapp at +91-9818838016 or email him at nitaimanidas@gmail.com for anything and everything. He is humbly always at your service.


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