Nitai Vayulekhan and Prachar Mahima


Nitai Vayulekhan Mahima

By HG Nitaimani Das Prabhuji

16 September 2016

Joy Nitai! I think this time it should work. I am very sorry, actually this live telecast is very complicated. So many settings are there. Joy Nitai, please confirm. I think now it must be audible. Yes, now it is audible. Joy Nitai!!! Yes thank you for confirming. Now we will begin our Nitai Katha. Sorry for the inconvenience in the last entire telecast the microphone was not working. So we will begin our katha now.

oṁ ajñāna-timirāndhasyajñānāñjana-śalākayā

cakṣur unmīlitaṁ yenatasmai śrī-gurave namaḥ

Padmavati-sutah shriman, shaci-nandana-purvajah
Bhavonmatto jagat-trata, rakta-gaura-kalevarah

jaya sri-krishna-chaitanya
prabhu nityananda
sri-adwaita gadadhara

We all know that Panca Tattva it appeared in Kaliyuga, the Panca Tattva came to save all the fallen souls of Kaliyuga and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu and Advaita Acharya, the three Lords, they propagated the Harinam Sankirtana Movement along with their associates, branches and sub branches according to Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita. But if you will notice and if you will observe the pastimes mentioned in Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita and Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata, then everyone will unanimously agree that out of all five, the Pancha Tattva it is only Nitai who is actually saving the most degraded and fallen souls. If you go through all the pastimes, you will find out that out of the Pancha Tattva, it is only Nitai who is saving the wretched, the sinners, the offenders, the hypocrites, the souls who are rejected by Gaura, it is only NITAI! So out of Pancha Tattva also, Nitai holds a very special position and I have proofs for that. It is only Nitai who was sent by Gauranga Mahaprabhu to East Bengal for preaching, you know we are preaching nowadays.

Every day we are preaching Nitai’s name in Delhi and it is supremely blissful to preach Nitai’s name because whenever we think about preaching, the holy name that should come in our mind is Nitai! Because Nitai is the greatest preacher of all times. He has preached the glories of Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Harinam, Hare Krishna Mahamantra to the most fallen souls, but it is our supreme duty to preach his name and glories because we all are in indebted, we all are in gratitude for Nitai. Nitai has been doing so much for us. He has always been thinking for the fallen souls like no other Lord. Like if you take the example of Pancha Tattva when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was fulfilling His internal desires, relishing His Radha bhava in Gambhira, He was not preaching. At that time Advaita Acharya was in Shantipura with his wife and children, he was staying with his family and doing his bhajan. He was also not preaching to the fall souls, the degraded souls. He was not travelling from place to place to deliver the fallen souls. Take the example of Srivasa Pandit, after Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu left Navadvipa when He took Santana, Srivasa Pandit could not stay in Navadvipa because of feelings of separation, pain of separation. So Srivasa Pandit left Navadvipa. But he did not leave Navadvipa to preach from place to place. He just left Navadvipa and shifted to Kumara Hatta. And again he was living with his family in Kumara Hatta. It is only and only Nitai out of the Pancha Tattva who is travelling.

jivere karuna kori,’ dese dese phiri’ phiri’
prema-dhana jache nirabadhi

dhuliya dhuliya chale, bahu tuli’ hari bole,
du-nayane bahe nitaiera pani

are bhai! nitai amar doyara avadhi! Doyal Nitai!!!

(Nitai Amar Dayar Avadhi by Sarika Vrindavana Das Thakur)

So the entire Pancha Tattva is merciful, Gauranga Mahaprabhu is also mahavadanya, Advaita Acharya is also merciful, Srivasa Pandit is also merciful, Gadhadhara Pandit is also merciful, but if you will check who is the last limit of mercy, then it is only Nitai. The last limit of mercy is only Nitai. The entire Pancha Tattva is merciful, but who is the most merciful? Nitai! Advaita Acharya was in Shantipura, Mahaprabhu was in Gambhira, Srivasa Pandit was in Kumara Hatta, Gadhadhara Pandit was again in Jagannatha Puri with Mahaprabhu, he used to recite Srimad Bhagavatam for Mahaprabhu. So all four of Pancha Tattva they were staying somewhere at some place and whoever was approaching them, they were giving Hari Katha some sort of, but Nitai was travelling here, there everywhere in the most ,, places. Even the six Goswamis were in Vraja, they were writing and discovering the Lila sthalis, that is also very important seva but Nitai’s main seva and Nitai’s main pastime is the deliverance of the fallen souls and we are fallen souls. So who is most important for us? Obviously Nitai. Nitai is the most important for us. This we have to keep in mind. There is no one who is more important to us than Nitai.

Today while doing Vayulekhan I had a small realisation which I would like to share. Gurudeva always says that you should always try to visualize the namakshar within your mind, try to see the Nitai Nama Akshar Parabrahma with your mind’s eye. The mind and heart is almost synonymous and in the heart resides who! Who resides in the heart? Nitai’s son Virbhadhra! Virchandra!!!!

Devotees – Haribooolll!!!

So simply writing Nitai’s name outside is not sufficient, you also have to make a deliberate effort to visualize the syllables within because within resides Nitai’s son who gets agitated when the Nam Akshar Parabrahma is visualized within, then the son of Nitai, Virchandra, Kshirodakshayi Vishnu, he gets in contact with his father and he gets agitated. And when he gets agitated, the soul gets agitated and when the soul gets agitated, the body starts trembling and we have different sensations like tickling, shickling, trembling, crying, goosebumps. So first of all we have to agitate this supersoul and who is the supersoul? Nitai’s putra, Yasoda’s putra nahi Nitai’s putra – Virchandra, Virbhadhra Gosai! Like father, like son. Both are mad. Just waiting for each other’s association. So we have to unite the father and the son by Vayulekhan and that union will only take place when you properly visualize the Nam Akshar within, not only without, not only outside but also inside because inside resides Nitai’s son. This is just a small insignificant realisation which I had today while doing Vayulekhan and I hope it is audible to all of you who are listening online as a live telecast.

So yes Vasudha Nitai Dasi Mataji is writing- What a realisation! So it means it is actually going live for the first time. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Very very sorry actually. But all this technical stuff is beyond Nitai bhaktas who are always drowned in the ecstasy of preaching. So kindly forgive us for that.

And actually there is another realisation which I would like to share today. We know that Nitai is guru, vaishnava and bhagvan combined. We all know that. In the last one year we are again and again emphasizing on the same point that Nitai is guru, vaishnava and bhagvan. Sri guru bhakti bhakta bhagvanta. So He is bhakta also, He is guru also and He is bhagvan also. And Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami when he begins writing Chaitanya Charitamrita, in the very first chapter of Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi Lila, he glorified Guru, Vaishnavas and Bhagvan. And after glorifying all three, what did he say? He said, Text 20 of Adi Lila, Chapter 5, it goes like this-

granthera ārambhe kari ‘maṅgalācharaṇa’
guru, vaiṣṇava, bhagavān,—tinera smaraṇa

tinera smaraṇe haya vighna-vināśana
anāyāse haya nija vāñchhita-pūraṇa

(Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita: Adi-lila, 1.20–21)

So Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami is writing one very important thing, he is saying I have glorified all three, Guru, Vaishnava and Bhagvan and it is not possible to glorify all the vaishnavas in limited words because vaishnavas are unlimited. Ananta kori vaishnava Vrindavana ki Jaya! So how is this possible? I mean he is also writing the glories of remembering Guru, Vaishnava and Bhagvan, together. He is saying you have to remember all three. Guru, Vaishnavas and Bhagvan. And he is saying if you remember all three, then what will happen? tinera smaraṇe haya vighna-vināśana. All your obstacles will be removed. Any kind of obstacles you are having in bhakti, in material life, in spiritual life, any life, this life, after life, all obstructions all problems will be removed by remembering Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas. And anāyāse haya nija vāñchhita-pūraṇa. and quickly, instantly, without any effort all your desires will be fulfilled spontaneously, you know, naturally all your desires will be fulfilled simply by remembering Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas. You don’t need to do anything. Krishna also says in Bhagavata Gita that if you are remembering Me, Me means Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas, then I will provide everything that you lack and will preserve everything that you have.

ananyāś cintayanto māḿ ye janāḥ paryupāsate
teṣāḿ nityābhiyuktānāḿ yoga-kṣemaḿ vahāmy aham

( Bhagavad Gita 9.22)

If you remember Me, then I will provide everything that you lack and will preserve that you have. And gurus, Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami is saying one is Shiksha Guru, one is Diksha Guru, one is Chaitya Guru, internal Guru, external Guru, but we know Nitai is Guru of all Gurus. The internal Guru, the Chaitya Guru is Nitai’s son, Virchandra, who is the disciple of Jahnva Mata, Ananga Manjari, who is the wife of Nityananda Ram. Internal Guru, and the external Guru has always to be perceived as manifestation of Nityananda Prabhu. It is written by Srila Prabhupada in the commentaries of the first chapter of Adi Lila of Chaitanya Charitamrita. So internal Guru, external Guru, every Guru is Nitai only ultimately. And Vrindavana Das Thakur is mentioning in Chaitanya Bhagavata that Nitai is Vaishnava Dhama. It is impossible to remember all our Vaishnavas. It is beyond our capacity to even know who all are all the Vaishnavas. We don’t know all the Vaishnavas. But it is easier to remember Nitai by doing NITAI VAYULEKHAN!

Devotees – Haribooolll!!

And the third one – Bhagvan. When we talk of Bhagvan, Nitai is the most merciful bhagvan who does not consider any fault, any fall down, any mistake, any anartha, any desire for sense enjoyment, any material desire. He is the most merciful Bhagvan. He is the abode of all Vaishnavas. And he is the Guru of all Gurus. Simply by doing Nitai Vayulekhan, you can remember all three as a shortcut, the greatest shortcut, and all your obstacles will be removed. haya vighna-vināśana. haya nija vāñchhita-pūraṇa. All your desires will be fulfilled. So Nitai Vayulekhan is the greatest benediction for all living entities as per Chaitanya Charitamrita. This is my today’s another humble and insignificant realisation.

Devotees – Haribooolll!!!

Sorry for being too fast for all those who are listening live, but you know when you have to glorify Nitai, you have to be fast and forceful and enthusiastic. It should come from the heart. So this is another major point that we have to keep in mind. That the ultimate perfection for all living entities is to remember Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas and the safest, easiest and the fastest method of constantly remembering Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas is to constantly do Nitai Vayulekhan. Joy Nitai Vayulekhan! Joy Nitai! Joy Srila Nitaipreshthji!

So I have much more to share but for today I think we shall wind up now so that you all can absorb this much and tomorrow we will have more realisations, more discussions and more kirtana, and more katha and more Nitai Mahima. So one last request that there should be no compromise in preaching the glories of Nitai because there are so many things which can answer this because. (Laughs) and I have written all of them in the articles, Nitaisevika Dasi Mataji is also writing everyday and Srila Gurudeva is always there to tell us the importance of preaching Nita Vayulekhan like yesterday we had a flood of quotes from Srila Nitaipreshthji. So there is no lack of motivation now in our mission for preaching. There is only lack of will.

(HINDI) Jahan chaha hai wahan raha hai, agar chaha hi nahi hai toh fayda kya hai. Chahat paida krne ke liye bahut kuch aa chuka hai. Bahut articles aa chuke hai, bahut motivation Gurudeva se bhi mil chuka hai, ab bas zaroorat hai ap sabke dilon jaan se prachar karne ki. Kyunki Nitai ne bahut hi behetereen roop se prachar kiya. Du baahu paasar. Baar baar Acharya likh rahe hai ki dono haath uthake Nitai ghoomte the idhar se udhar. Aur hum na ek haath uthake Vayulekhan kar paa rahe, na dusron ka ek haath uthwa paa rahe. Agar hum ek haath se Vayulekhan karein aur ek haath dusre ka uthwa de toh humare bhi du baahu paasar ho jayenge.

Devotees- Haribooolll!

So we have to follow in the footsteps of Nitai. Ek haath apna uthao aur ek haath dusre ka uthwao, tabhi toh Nitai ki barabari hogi. Nitai ne jo humare liye kiya hai tabhi toh hum repay kar paayenge, warna 50% hi repay hoga. Apna apna karte jaoge Vayulekhan ghar par baithke, ek apna uthao ek dusre ka uthao tab du baahu pasaar ho jayga. Aur jab du baahu pasaar ho jayga toh Nitai kahenge – Aa ja mere yaar!!!! Tumi amar, ami tomar!!

Devotees- Haribooolll!

Joy Nitai! Thank you so much for today’s live session. It is 9:01. The time is up.

Joy Nitai! Joy Srila Gurudeva! Joy Srila Nitaipreshthji! All glories to Srila Guru Parampara! Srila Tulsi Maharani ki Jaya! Sri Radha Madan Mohan ki Jaya! Sri Radha gopinath ki Jaya! Namacharaya Srila HariDas Thakur ki Jaya! Jagannatha Baldev Subhadra Mayya ki Jaya! Krishna Balram ki Jaya! Jaya Ekachakra Yogapitha Dhaam ki Jaya! Jaya Navadvipa Mayapur Dhaam ki Jaya! Shantipura Dhaam ki Jaya! Vraja Mandal Dhaam ki Jaya! Radha Kunda Shyama Kunda ki Jaya! Aane wale Kartik Mahamahotsava ki Jaya! Sri ananta koti Vaishnava Vrinda ki Jaya! Dwadash Mahajan ki Jaya! Dwadash Gopal ki Jaya! Srimad bhagvatam ki Jaya! Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita ki Jaya! Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata ki Jaya! Nitai Gaur Sitanatha Premanande Hari Haribooolll! Sri Sri Guru Gauranga ki Jaya!



By Hook or By Crook, Let’s Save Everyone!

The real success of preaching lies in bringing as many souls to the path of pure devotional service as possible. Effective preaching entails a painstaking effort from the preacher to ensure that those who were going straight to hell are now gradually rising back to Godhead. The entire populace is spiritually diseased and there is an urgent need of administering transcendental medicines to one and all. And if the final goal of releasing the living entities from the clutches of Maya is achieved, then it does not matter whether the medicines being given to the masses are sugar coated or not. When atheism, hedonism, and skepticism are prevalent, then the messengers of Shri Hari may adopt tricky ways to somehow convert the godless masses into faithful devotional practitioners. This cannot be termed as ‘compromised preaching’ but rather it should be called ‘more merciful all-inclusive preaching’. This tricky preaching style was adopted by Nitai Himself, the foremost preaching commander of Shri Gaurahari.

Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad writes,

“On the pretext of presenting religiosity, economic development, sense gratification, and liberation, Sri Nityananda Prabhu attracted everyone to the pure devotional service propagated by Sri Krsna Caitanya.” (Source: Commentary on CB 3.6.4)

The path of pure devotional service is so sublime that not everyone can receive and value it in its raw form. It needs to be cooked in such a manner that its maximum nutritional value is retained and it becomes much more palatable to the masses. What is the use of water if it is not potable! What is the use of food if it is not edible! Similarly, what is the use of direct preaching if it is not acceptable to the spoiled mankind! The preachers may bring the fallen souls to the platform of pure devotional service by first tempting them with material gains. What is wrong with that? If the intention and the final end is so elevated then how does it matter what means are adopted? In fact, when the target is to save the majority from hellish sufferings then the best and the most effective means need to be adopted.

The best medicine for the souls of Kali Yug is Nitai’s name and the best means to preach it to the masses would definitely not be directly devotional. However, Nitai’s name is the abode of pure goodness (shuddha-sattva-dham). No matter how it is delivered to the masses, it will spread pure goodness only. The Nitai Vayulekhan Mission will boldly adopt all possible means to somehow or the other make everyone taste the most relishable holy name of Nitai. This effort will not go in vain. The future generations will bear testimony to the wonderful results of this preaching. We are conducting a mass data stealing operation on the database of Yamaraj clearing all sinful records of millions of souls (Such an operation was intitially conducted by Nitai Himself when He stole all sinful records of Jagai and Madhai). And the best part is that each and every thief part of this gang, instead of being punished, will be rewarded unimaginably for this theft. The hoi polloi may not admire the hard effort and sacrifice put into such a glorious and tricky preaching mission. But if even fellow devotees (and Vaishnav societies) will fail to appreciate it then who will?

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das

PROOF: Nitai is more merciful than Gaur-Krishna

Nitai is an eternal servant of Lord Caitanya. Nitai controls Gaur with His love. Nitai is the personification of pure devotional service. He is nothing but bhakti. He only desires to fulfill the desires of Lord Caitanya. All desires of Lord Chaitanya are fulfilled by Him.
CC Ādi 5.156
śrī-caitanya — sei kṛṣṇa, nityānanda — rāma

nityānanda pūrṇa kare caitanyera kāma

“Lord Caitanya is the same Lord Kṛṣṇa, and Lord Nityānanda is Lord Balarāma. Lord Nityānanda fulfills all of Lord Caitanya’s desires.”
Nitai has the greatest privilege of serving Lord Caitanya in all possible devotional mellows. He is non-different from Balaram. He is indeed the Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead. He constantly tastes the highest ecstasies of devotional service and thus He is known as Nityananda. He is truly much more merciful upon the fallen souls than Gaur. As He is Servitor Godhead, He knows the bliss of serving the Supreme Lord Gaur Krishna. Gaur-Krishna does not completely understand the bliss that a devotee feels when He serves the Lord.
Lord Krishna says,
viṣaya-jātīya sukha āmāra āsvāda

āmā haite koṭi-guṇa āśrayera āhlāda

āśraya-jātiya sukha pāite mana dhāya

yatne āsvādite nāri, ki kari upāya 

“I taste the bliss to which the object of love is entitled. But the pleasure of Rādhā, the abode of that love, is ten million times greater. My mind races to taste the pleasure experienced by the abode, but I cannot taste it, even by My best efforts. How may I taste it? (CC Ādi 4.133-134)
In fact, āśraya-jātiya sukha is experienced by all the pure devotees of the Lord in different degrees as they all are ashrita (sheltered) at the Lotus Feet of Gaur-Krishna. 
Gaur-Krishna is the Supreme enjoyer and His associates are always increasing His enjoyment. However, His associates experience more enjoyment in giving enjoyment to Gaur-Krishna than Gaur-Krishna Himself. This is difficult to comprehend but this only the main reason why Krishna adopted the mood and complexion of Shrimati Radharani and became Gaurhari.
CC Ādi 4.126
nija-premāsvāde mora haya ye āhlāda

tāhā ha’te koṭi-guṇa rādhā-premāsvāda

 “Whatever pleasure I get from tasting My love for Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī, She tastes ten million times more than Me by Her love.

Since, the devotees know the bliss of serving Gaur-Krishna they are always more eager to engage the fallen souls in the devotional service of the Lord than Gaur-Krishna. And who is a greater devotee of Gaur-Krishna than Nitai! Yes, Krishna tells Arjun, during the conversation of Bhagwad Gita, that you should surrender unto me and become my devotee but He does not go from door to door begging everyone to serve Him. It is Nitai who does it because Nitai is the Topmost Servant of Gaur. Nitai really knows how important bhakti is for the living entities. Nitai has full experience of the bliss that one receives as a side effect of devotional service (sandranand visheshatma). Thus, He is supremely eager to award bhakti to one and all. 
Sevya Bhagwan (Gaur-Krishna) knows that devotional service is ‘good’ for the living entities, but how ‘good’ is it, that is only known to Sevak Bhagwan (Nitai-Balaram) as He has highest first hand experience of that ‘goodness’. Thus, Nitai’s eagerness to award us bhakti is unimaginably much more than the eagerness of Gaur-Krishna to give us bhakti.  
P. S. : In fact, the meanings of the 10 syllables of the निताइ mantra indicate this eagerness only. Nitai approaches the fallen souls from door to door and awards them His protective shelter. Then He removes all anarthas one by one with his plow and club and, finally, how He awards one pure love of Godhead (Prayojan). From the very first syllable to the last of निताइ Nam Akshar Parabrahm, Nitai’s extreme eagerness to uplift a fallen soul, from the lowest position to the highest position, is reflected. 
Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das