Secret Desire of the Two Brothers

Lord Krishna (apparently) left Vrindavan at a very young age along with Lord Balaram. All Vraja-vasis experienced intense Viyog (separation) because of that. Krishna also felt the same Viyog from the Vraj-vasis. However, Balaram could not experience the same as Krishna always kept Him by His side. Not could Krishna experience separation from Lord Balaram like He felt from other Vraj-vasis. Hence, when Krishna came as Gaur, He fulfilled this desire also when He went to Puri along with His desire of relishing Radha-bhav. He sent Nitai to East Bengal for distributing Krishna-prem to one and all. And here in Puri, He experienced intense separation from Nitai. Simply by chanting Nitai’s name He would fall unconscious on the ground. And the same happened with Nitai when He was away from Gaur. He would shout “Aha re! Gauranga!” and He would fall down on the ground drenching His body with His own tears.

So this is a secret desire of both the brothers which got fulfilled in this Lila. In fact, in this most confidential Nitai Gaur Lila, the innermost desires of the Lords and all the associates got surprisingly fulfilled.


Nitai is an Ocean of Mercy

Joy Nitai!

Nitai is very merciful. We say this all the time. We hear this all the time. We have read it so many times that Nitai is very merciful, Nitai is so merciful. But now we say it very casually that Nitai is very merciful but can we really fathom the depth of His mercy? He is an ocean of mercy and when we try to ponder upon His merciful nature, we have no other option but to surrender. His mercy is so overwhelming. When we start feeling His mercy, I mean even a small small fraction of it, He is an ocean of mercy. You can never fathom, you can just say He is very merciful, but you cannot exactly define the word ‘very’ here. The word ‘very’ is very limited. It describes Nitai’s mercy in a very limited way.

So we can just keep on thinking and contemplating within your mind and heart about the mercy of Nitai. The depth because He is an Ocean of Mercy. karuna sindhu. And the more you take shelter of His name, the more you chant His name, you sing His name aloud in kirtana, you do Nitai Namlekhan, the more you realise how deep the ocean of mercy He is. How deep it is. You can actually enter the ocean, go deeper and deeper and you’ll be more surprised at every moment. You will realise His merciful nature with much more clarity.

In the beginning its just an abstract concept for you. It is very vague that yes yes, He is very merciful. The more you take shelter of His name, the more you realise His true.. the true nature of Nitai comes out from the name and you start getting overwhelmed. You get surprised and tears also start falling from your eyes because it is very natural because such kind of mercy is completely inconceivable. It is incomprehensible. Nobody can understand it. Nobody can conceive it. Nobody can even think of it, the kind of mercy Nitai possesses, bestows upon the fallen souls. The more you realise it, the more you will be overwhelmed and the more you will be attracted to Nitai, the more you will surrender to Nitai. You will take His shelter.

nitai-pada sada koro asa
narottama boro dukhi,
nitai more koro sukhi
rakho ranga-caranera pasa

So just like we say Krishna is rasaraj, He is an ocean of Rasa. We say it very casually but the more a devotee realises that, the more one falls in love with Krishna. The more he realises the rasa, the madhurya of Krishna. Similarly we say Nitai is karuna sindhu, He is an ocean of mercy but just saying is not enough, when you start realising that how merciful He actually is then that mercy attracts you so much that you fully surrender to Nitai. You realise that no one is going to actually deliver you other than Nitai. There is no other gati for you other than Nitai.

nitai charana vina nāhiko ashraya

There is no other shelter. So that is why just philosophy is not enough, practice is very important. When you actually take shelter of His name through Nitai Namlekhan, you practice it. Sadhana is also very important. You do Nitai kirtana, you practice then the philosophy becomes alive. Simply by understanding philosophy, by reading articles and posts or just knowing that Nitai is very merciful is… you know, that is also good but that is not enough. We have to practically realise that and for that you need to practice, you have to do sadhana. And you have to please the Nitai Bhaktas.

So philosophy alone won’t help you so much. You have to accompany it with practice also. Very important. And then you will see that philosophy helps practice and practice helps you to understand philosophy in a better way. They both are complementing each other. Philosophy improves practice and practice improves our philosophical understanding.

Joy Nitai!

Ishta of the Entire Universe

In the 3rd verse of Shri Nityanandastakam, Shrila Vrindavan das Thakhur writes that Nitai is nikhila-jagad-ishtam, the object of devotion for the entire universe. This is a very promising name of Nitai as far as our glorious Nitai Vayulekhan Mission is concerned. We are not trying to provide the fallen souls a new Ishta (Lord) to worship. Nitai is already the Ishta of the entire universe, that is, each and everyone of us belongs to Nitai. He is our eternal Lord. We are simply trying to make ourselves and others realize that He is the one who is truly worthy of our devotion. He is not only the Ishta of all Gaudiya Vaishnavs but He is also the Supreme Deity for all living entities. This phrase should be a great source of motivation for all Nitaipracharaks. We must not take rest till the time the entire universe awakens and recognizes who its real Lord is.

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das

Nitai and JivaPart 5Nitai introduces Himself for the first time

Nitai: Hey Jiva! Get up. It is me.  
Jiva: Oh Nitai! You always surprise me. Where have you been? 

Nitai: Nowhere. I never go far from you. 

Jiva: Really? Where do you hide? I have never seen you. 

Nitai: You have never seen even yourself. I’m always with you. The real you. 

Jiva: I have never seen myself? Why are you bewildering me right in the morning?

Nitai: You are bewildered since time immemorial. I have come to wake you up. Good morning Jiva. Get up!   

JIva: Uff Nitai! I already have an alarm clock. You don’t need to be one. 

Nitai: Haha! An alarm clock is required to wake you up daily. But I’ll wake you up once and for all. Hahaha!

Jiva: Why are you so eager to wake me up?

Nitai: I love you Jiva. You have slept enough. 

JIva: What is the relation between sleep and love? Your statements are too complicated always.

Nitai: Sleep is death and love is life. I have come to give you real life.

Jiva: Oh. Another mysterious statement to explain one mysterious statement. Leave it. Why do you always say that you love me? 

Nitai: I say so because I cannot hide it anymore. I love everyone. 

Jiva: And whom do you love the most?

Nitai: Whom my brother hates the most. (LOL) 

JIva: What kind of criterion is this?

Nitai: I love on need basis. Where the highest need is there I provide the highest love there. 

Jiva: Don’t you have any other work to do? You just keep on loving others?

Nitai: It is the most important work I guess. There is only one thing which everyone is trying to find in this world and there is only one thing which is missing in this world, i.e., true love. 

Jiva: How can you say that there is no true love in this world? 

Nitai: A watchmaker knows everything about the watch.

Jiva: Oh! So you are trying to tell me that you are the creator of this world.

Nitai: Not exactly. 

Jiva: Then what exactly?

Nitai: I am the creator of the creator of this world. 

JIva: What do you wish to say? Can you be a little more clear?

Nitai: More clear? Alright. So be it. I am the creator of the creator of the creator of the creator of the creator of the creator of the creator of this world. (LOL, disappears)

Jiva: (Faints due to excessive clarity) 

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,

Nitaimani das

The Supreme Personality of Unconditional Compassion


The rarest love of Golok, which was never given to anyone even upon asking for multiple lives, was distributed freely to the most fallen by Nitai, even without asking for it. This love of Golok was unattainable for even the most exalted personalities of this universe before the advent of Nitai. All logic failed during the deliverance pastimes of Nitai. Be it the children, or be it the ruffians, or be it anyone, all got love at the hands of Nitai. Nobody was left out. There was no discrimination. The nectar of immortality which emerged from Samudra Manthan was only given to the Devas and not the Asuras by the Mohini incarnation, but the nectar of pure love which emerged from the streams of Nitai’s tears was sprinkled on one and all without any discrimination. When the Supreme God of Mercy (Nitai) distributed the highest love in the creation, then great personalities like Brahma and Shiva stood in the same line in which even the lowest of mankind were present.

dīna hīna patita pāmara nāhi bāche
brahmār durlabha prema sabākāre jāce

“Lord Nitai freely offered this exalted prema, which is difficult for Lord Brahma to attain, even to the fallen and wretched souls who did not desire it.”

There may or may not be equality in the eyes of the law of this mundane plane, but there is unquestionable equality in the wet eyes of Nitai. What to speak of rivers and lakes, even the greatest oceans may dry up one day, but the compassion filled eyes of Nitai won’t dry up ever as His love for the fallen souls is going to last forever. Krishna shot arrows from His Saranga bow and killed millions of offenders mercilessly. However, Nitai also shot arrows, not from His bow, but from His brow, and filled millions of such offenders with Krishna-prem simply by glancing.

ār nāiko kalir bhoy
ācandāle den nāma nitāi doyāmoy

“There is no more fear of the age of Kali. The most merciful Lord Nitai gives the Holy Name and Krishna-prem to even the candalas.”

This Kali Yug is truly blessed by the advent of such an exalted personality like Nitai. Now I realize why it is mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwatam (11.5.36) that enlightened persons will worship the upcoming Kali Yug. True. True. It is true. This Kali Yug has surely become an object of worship because for the first time the greatest offenders are not punished mercilessly but rewarded with the highest prize of Prem by the inconceivable mercy of the Supreme Personality of Unconditional Compassion (Nitai). And this Kali Yug will continue to be worshipped by the enlightened persons till the time Nitai’s mercy via His name will spread all across the globe and enlighten even the most degraded and deluded souls.

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das