Secret Desire of the Two Brothers

Lord Krishna (apparently) left Vrindavan at a very young age along with Lord Balaram. All Vraja-vasis experienced intense Viyog (separation) because of that. Krishna also felt the same Viyog from the Vraj-vasis. However, Balaram could not experience the same as Krishna always kept Him by His side. Not could Krishna experience separation from Lord Balaram like He felt from other Vraj-vasis. Hence, when Krishna came as Gaur, He fulfilled this desire also when He went to Puri along with His desire of relishing Radha-bhav. He sent Nitai to East Bengal for distributing Krishna-prem to one and all. And here in Puri, He experienced intense separation from Nitai. Simply by chanting Nitai’s name He would fall unconscious on the ground. And the same happened with Nitai when He was away from Gaur. He would shout “Aha re! Gauranga!” and He would fall down on the ground drenching His body with His own tears.

So this is a secret desire of both the brothers which got fulfilled in this Lila. In fact, in this most confidential Nitai Gaur Lila, the innermost desires of the Lords and all the associates got surprisingly fulfilled.

The Greatest Fortune Is To Be In Dham

निताइ! When we are unable to handle the materialistic vibrations of this world, we take shelter of the Dhams. We find real solace in the Dhams. If there were no Dhams, it would have been so difficult for the devotees to survive in this material world. The Lord appears and then disappears. But the Dhams remain for delivering the conditioned souls by awarding them immense sukriti and for giving life to the devotees. Existence of Dhams in this material world is such a great blessing. It is the greatest good fortune for us. If there were no Dhams, where would we go? Where?

When someone leaves his body in the Dhams, he attains the highest destination as kripa-siddhi. How merciful! Who is behind all this? It is Nitai only, the most-caring father of all conditioned souls, who manifests in the form of the Dhams. He is the one who gives solace in the form of the Dhams. He is the one who gives protection in the form of the Dhams. He is the one who gives everyone a chance to attain kripa-siddhi by leaving the body in the Dhams. Who else can think so much about us? How can we be so ungrateful? How can we not realize and feel gratitude for Nitai’s supreme mercy in the form of the Dhams? निताइ

P.S. The greatest good fortune is to be in the Dham for even a single moment. That is the greatest happiness which can be attained by the jiva because this Dham is also Nitai. And Nitai is Nityananda. Being in dham means being with Nitai constantly. One can feel constant association of Nitai.

Ekachakra is Ekachakra!

Mahaprabhu told Nitai that He will come again as His son and asked Him to get married. This not only shows that He wanted to fully relish Nitai’s unparalleled Vatsalya but also the fact that He wanted to become the disciple and son of Anang Manjari (Vasudha and Jahnava) to relish complete subordination to Manjari bhav as well. Krishna always wants to serve the lotus feet of the Manjaris. By becoming a disciple of Jahnava Mata, in the form of Virachandra Prabhu, Gaur fulfilled this desire as well.

O mind! When will you stop running from one material desire to another material desire? When will you start rolling in the dust of Ekachakra Dham instead? Please stop running and start rolling!

Ekachakra is bliss. Ekachakra is mercy. Ekachakra is hope. Ekachakra is peace. Ekachakra is light. Ekachakra is love. Ekachakra is rasa. Ekachakra is affection. Ekachakra is protection. Ekachakra is solace. Ekachakra is Ekachakra! (You can compare Ekachakra only with Ekachakra)

What to speak of eternally conditioned souls, even Pandavas got residence in Radhakund in the form of Trees by first residing in Ekachakra and receiving Nitai’s mercy. This is another confidential proof of the fact that everyone gets Kund-vas by Nitai’s mercy only. Even Uddhav could not attain what Pandavas attained simply by the mercy of Nitai & His most merciful abode Ekachakra.

Absorb Yourself in Nitai Bhakti for All Perfection!

:hibiscus: You just absorb yourself in Nitai bhajan. Nitai bhajan means Nitai Vayulekhan, Nitai kirtana, Nitai Lila Sravana. You absorb yourself in these activities and you will automatically feel some attachment, spontaneous attachment for dhama, as dhama is a manifestation of Nitai only.

Once you get attached to Nitai, you will try to associate yourself with everything that is Nitai and in one way everything is Nitai because the entire material and spiritual creation is coming from Nitai. But obviously there is a difference between a direct relation and an indirect relation. The external energy is indirectly related to Nitai but the holy dhams, the spiritual abodes of the Lord are directly Nitai, direct manifestations of Nitai. So why won’t you get that intense desire to visit dhama or stay in dhama, once you get attached to Nitai, when you realise that dhama is also Nitai? Obviously you will.

:hibiscus: The darshana of the Lord is only possible by first coming to dhama, by first staying in dhama, by first having the desire to see the dhama which the Lord has mercifully manifested in this material world.We are reluctant to see the dhama. We don’t have any desire to see the dhama, how can we have a direct desire to see the Lord? The Lord has manifested the dhama for us so first we should have an intense desire to see the dhama. First we should be vyakula antara (anxious from inside). You know we should be disturbed from inside always, “When will I go to dhama? When will I be able to go to dhama? When will I be able to stay in dhama?” That constant vyakulta (spiritual anxiety) should be there. If you are vyakula (anxious) to see the dhama, then only your desire to see the Lord is genuine. Otherwise it is bogus. Joy Ekachakra! Joy Radhakund!

:hibiscus: You know how to seek the lord’s darshana? First seek the darshan of the dhama. That is the first step we have to take. And this is being taught in an expert manner by Shrila Nitaipreshthji. I am just speaking and he is actually staying. And it is said “actions speak louder than words.” He is staying in dhama always. Even if he leaves Ekachakra, he will leave Ekachakra to go to Radha Kunda, not to come to Delhi or Mumbai or Dubai or Switzerland. Dhama to dhama, only dhama. Jeena yahan marna yahan, iske siwa jana kahan. This is Shrila Nitaipreshthji’s motto. (He says) “I have to live in dhama. I have to give up my body in dhama and I have to go to Goloka from dhama to dhama.” He says that the dhama is the airport. The plane will not land anywhere else. Not in Delhi. It is a huge airport in Delhi, in fact two terminals. But the plane of Goloka will not come here. This is not national or international flight. This is interloka flight. Interjagata flight. Loka is also too small you know for bhakti, for devotees. Loka is like going from bhuloka to bhuvarloka to swargaloka. That is for Yogis. This is interjagata flight from Bhautika Jagat (Material World) to Adhyatimika Jagat (Spiritual World). Do you think the Goloka’s plane will land in a city’s airport? That is insult to the plane of Goloka if it will land there. Goloka’s plane will land in Vrindavana. Goloka Vrindavana. Ekachakra’s plane will land in Yogapitha. So simple logic. Gurudev says its simple logic. It is not rocket science. You stay in dhama, you die in dhama, you go to dhama. From dhama to dhama. (Except if you are outside Dham and are fully engaged in carrying out the order of the spiritual master and spreading Nitai’s name… This was told to me by Gurudev) :blush:

Execute Devotional Service in Nitai Dham Ekachakra


  • Unless one is very advanced in spiritual life, it is recommended that he live in such holy places and execute devotional service there. (Shrila Prabhupad’s commentary to SB 4.8.42)
  • All Dhams are so merciful and spiritually invigorating because they are manifestations of Nitai (Sandhini Shakti). Then just imagine how much more merciful and empowering Nitai’s own abode (Ekachakra) must be!
  • Ekachakra is the real powerhouse of Bhakti. One’s bhajan gets fully charged simply by remembering Ekachakra, what to speak of actually going there?
  • If one decides not to stay in Shri Dham out of fear of Dham Aparadh, then why doesn’t he decide not to chant the Holy Names out of fear of Nam Aparadh?
  • There is no fear of offenses in Ekachakra-Navadvipa!
    Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakur mentions in Navadvipa Dham Mahatmaya that one who has committed hundreds of offenses in Navadvipa Dham can easily overcome those offenses by the mercy of Nitai. Thus, there is no fear of offenses in Navadvipa just because of Nitai who resides eternally in the Ekachakra division of Golok’s Navadvipa partition.

एकचक्र सा धाम नहीं
निताइ चाँद सा प्रभु ।
निताइ नाम सा धन नहीं
निताइप्रेष्ठजी सा गुरु ।।

Joy Doyal निताइ !