Get Full Time in Service of Lord by Vayulekhan

Raghunatha Das Goswami, Rati Manjari, when he met Nitai in Panihati, then Nitai told him -Oh Das Goswami! Tumi jao Puri Dhaam (Go to Puri Dham). Tumi jao Jagannatha Puri. Tumi meet your pranath Gauranga. All your obstacles will be taken care of by me. Prabhu Balram Ami Sarva Shakti Dhora. I am omnipotent. If I want you to go to Puri and meet your pran-nath Gauranga, then who can stop you? Your gaurds will stop you? Do you really think they are more powerful than me. I am Matta-simha. Won’t they be afraid of me if I will become a lion? I will not kill them by becoming a lion. I will just roar. (Roars) My hunkaar is kafi. My hunkaar is sufficient. I will say- Ha Gauranga! Ha Gauranga! Ha Gauranga! Ha Gauranga! When you will be running out of your home, the gaurds will try to catch you and I will provide such an ecstatic background music that while catching you they will faint in ecstacy. My background music will be like this.

Ha Gauranga! Ha Gauranga! Ha Gauranga! Ha Gauranga! Ha Gauranga!

My dear Vrindavana Das Thakur uses the word lion for me. But don’t think if I am a lion, I am going to be fatal. I am a lion, I roar. I roar the lord’s name so that everybody can hear, you know. In a jungle if a small animal will produce its sound the donkey will start braying or the monkey will start whooping or screeching then will all the animals of the jungle hear? Obviously no. But if a lion comes out of his den and he does “Haaaaunnn” (roars) then all the animals will hear. So just for the sake of preaching dear Raghunatha Das, I roar. I become a lion just to deliver as many as possible. Vrindavana Das Thakur uses the word lion. So there are only two possibilities. Either your gaurds will also start running towards Puri, as they will get so much love for Gauranga by listening to the background music. Or they will faint here. So in both the ways your work is done. You are definitely going to go to Puri. I will remove all the obstacles, don’t worry. I am the Lord of the full time devotees. If you want to get full time, just do Nitai Vayulekhan. You will very soon become full time.


Emergency to Spread Nitai Nam

  • When we point our finger towards someone while doing Nitai Vayulekhan then that person also gets power of Nitai bhakti. This is the meaning of PowerPoint.
  • Let’s connect everything with Nitai Vayulekhan so that we can’t forget it no matter what we do or where we go.
  • When there is an emergency there is no scope of shame. If there is a fire in your house then will you be ashamed of shouting for help. No! There is an emergency in this world right now. Sins are increasing at an alarming rate. There is an emergency to spread Nitai’s name. Please try to feel the emergency.
    So just give up all shame. And preach Nitai’s name.

Offense-Proof Forms of Krishna in Ekachakra

  •  Banka Ray is a combination of Krishna and Nitai.. Banka means Bankey Bihari and Raya means Nityananda Raya.
  •  In Ekachakra, Nitai made all forms of Krishna also offense-proof.. Jagannath and Murlidhar He manifested Himself so they became offense-proof.. And Banka Ray who was not manifested by Him.. Nitai entered into Him to make Him offense-proof.. Nitai took all precautions in regards to offenses as far as His own Dham Ekachakra is concerned.. He did not leave Krishna on His own.. Otherwise He knew His younger brother will spoil the offense-free ambience of His offense-proof Dham.
  • We (fallen souls) can only approach that form of Krishna (madhurya) which has some connection with audarya. One can see Gauranga (audarya) in Radha-Raman so it is advisable to meditate on Radha-Raman while chanting Hari Nam. But if I told you that there is one form of Krishna that has a strong connection with maha-audarya (Nitai) instead of audarya (Gaur). Yes there is a form like that. And that is.. Banka Ray.. So it is even more beneficial and appropriate for us (fallen souls) to meditate on Banka Ray because of His connection with maha-audarya murti Nityananda Raya.. Joy Nitai.


  • In the Text 4 of Nityanandastakam, Shrila Vrindavan das Thakhur mentions that Nitai addresses His most beloved Gauranga as “Dear Brother”.
    …aye BHRATAR nrinam kali kalushinam kinnu bhavita..And in the very next verse (Text 5) he tells us that Nitai addresses even the ordinary fallen souls as “Dear Brothers”…yatheshtam re BHRATAH kuru hari hari dhvanam anisam..

    Uff! Can you imagine? Gaur is Nitai’s most beloved.. And we always address our most beloved with a name which we don’t use for anyone else.. But Nitai is addressing Gaur and the fallen souls both as BROTHERS.. Ohh! He is equally addressing the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the fallen souls. This is unimaginable.
    Till now we have heard uttam-adham kichu na kare vichar.. But here Nitai is crossing all limits of mercy.. By doing PURUSHOTTAM-ADHAM kichu na kare vichar.. In fact the word “Brother” itself has so much protective affection.. Which Nitai has for Gaur when Gaur dances like a madman.. Which Balai has for Krishna.. And the same protective affection which Nitai has for the fallen souls.. Remember how Nitai protected Jagai Madhai from Gaur’s wrath.

Secret Behind Danda-bhanga Lila

Nitai broke the Danda of Lord Gauranga because He wanted to show the entire world that He won’t let Gaur give danda (punishment) to anyone who takes His shelter. Danda-bhanga means Nitai saves us from Gaur-Krishna’s punishments.

gaura danda kare jadi tumi rakshaa kara
tumi yaare danda kara gaura taara para

(NDM Chapter 4, Shrila Jiva Goswami’s prayer to Nitai)

Only Nitai Can Save You!

  • If Gaur gives you punishment then you can approach and take shelter of Nitai and get saved. Nitai will reduce the punishment to nil. However, if you are punished by Nitai (which is almost impossible), and you approach Gaur to seek shelter, then Gaur will double your punishment because you have been rejected by Nitai.

    In other words, if you are rejected by Gaur then Nitai will still accept you. But if you are rejected by Nitai then Gaur will reject you with double force. Haha.

  • Nitai- The Ignoring Lord
Nitai full-on ignores our faults, mistakes, offenses, and fall downs. Not partial ignore but full-on ignore.

Nitai permanently ignores our faults, mistakes, offenses, and fall downs. Not temporary ignore but permanent ignore.
Nitai unconditionally ignores our faults, mistakes, offenses, and fall downs. Not conditional ignore but unconditional ignore.

Krishna Will Steal Your Heart

Nitai makes our heart butter by Nitai Vayulekhan so that Krishna can steal it.

He knows Krishna would never steal a stone.. So He makes our heart like butter.. He knows Krishna is fond of butter.

Externally, we touch Nitai’s butter like body with our forefinger during Nitai Vayulekhan.. And internally our heart becomes like butter as well.

Sadhu Sanga means Nitai Vayulekhan

🌺 Caitanya Mahāprabhu has said,
sādhu-saṅga sādhu-saṅga sarva-śāstre kaya
lava-mātra sādhu-saṅge sarva-siddhi haya
(CC Madhya 22.54)

Here Sadhu refers to Nitai (the topmost Sadhu) and Sanga is possible by Vayulekhan. So Sadhu Sanga means Nitai Vayulekhan. Therefore, Nitai Vayulekhan can grant all perfection (sarva-siddhi) instantly (lava-matra).

🌺 Kali Yug is highly ironical. On one hand, it is almost impossible to have Sadhu-sanga as there are no real Sadhus in this degraded age. And on the other hand, there is a golden opportunity to touch, embrace, and serve the topmost Sadhu (Nitai) by the simple process of Nitai Vayulekhan. What an irony!