Feel the Ecstasy by Nitainam Dhyan

Nitainam Dhyan for Harinam Ruchi

🌷Let sharing the unparalleled bliss of Nitainam, to one and all, be my only bliss life after life.

🌷  When the resolve to share Nitainam’s bliss resonates in my mind, the bliss that I experience in Nitainam expands in my heart and vice versa.
🌷 My dream is to sincerely and unassumingly assist my spiritual master in fulfilling his dream of sharing the bliss of Nitainam to millions and billions. Nothing else and nothing less than this is worth living for.
🌷 Add Nitailekhan to Japa and see the difference. Add Nitailekhan to Kirtan and see the difference. Add Nitailekhan to Shravan and see the difference. Add Nitailekhan to your life and see the difference!

🌷 Nitai Kirtan gives “height” to your Smaran.

Nitai Nam Dhyan adds “weight” to your Smaran.

🌷 I really look forward to Shravan and Kirtan nowadays. As I know after Nitainam Dhyan, both will be superb, charged with genuine spiritual sentiments.
🌷 I am falling in love with Nitainam Dhyan. It can be done anytime. And now anytime one can be with Nitai. One can really feel that Nitai is with him.
🌷 This Nitainam Dhyan is purely internal. It feels Nitai is very close when we visualize the strokes in our mind. The experience is amazing. It is like seeing Nitai, touching Nitai, embracing Nitai, falling at the lotus feet of Nitai, and much more.
🌷 Nitainam Dhyan is making my spiritual life more and more alive everyday.

Balaram Lila-Kirtan

देसी दाऊ दयाल लीला-कीर्तन
Spontaneous I Humorous I Balaram Lila-Kirtan
रचना: निताइमणि दास

जय संकर्षण जय बलरामा I
दाऊ बलरामा, दाऊ बलरामा II

धेनुकासुर को पेड़ पे लटका दिया I
दुम हिला रहा था वो दाऊजी के सामने II

रुक्मिणी के भाई की खोपड़िया खोल दी I
दांत दिखा रहा था वो दाऊजी के सामने II

हस्तिनापुर को हल से हिला दिया I
चौड़े हो रहे थे कौरव दाऊजी के सामने II

द्विविड गोरिल्ला की बैंड बजा दी I
ज्यादा फुदक रहा था वो दाऊजी के सामने II

रोमाहर्शण सुत को तिनके से उड़ा दिया I
खड़ा नही हुआ वो दाऊजी के सामने II

भागवत पढ़के भी भगवन को न पहचाना I
खड़ा नही हुआ अपने बापु जी के सामने II

कालिंदी को अपने हल से भेद दिया I
इनकार किया जब दाऊजी के सामने II

How to Attain Krishna Prem?

🌿Attainment of love is the greatest achievement. Krishna Prem is that wealth without which even the so-called richest are also the poorest. We often wonder how we can attain this Krishna-prem. Do we have a clear answer to this crucial question- “How to attain Krishna Prem?”

🌿 The best answer to this question is given by Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad as follows,

“It is natural to develop love for those whom we serve. Serve Kṛṣṇa and you will become attached to Him.”

🌿 Now what is the best way to serve Krishna?

🌿 The best way to serve Krishna is to serve His devotees, especially, Sri Guru.

🌿 Who is the Guru of all Gurus and the topmost devotee?

🌿 Adi-Guru, Vaishnav-dham, Doyal NITAI

Therefore, Nitai Seva is the best way to attain Krishna Prem.

P.S. 🌿 What is the best way to serve Nitai?

🌿 Achar and Prachar of Nitailekhan and Nitai Nam-Lila Shravan-Kirtan.

Worship of Gaur and Radha Krishna

🌿 Are we neglecting the worship of Gaur or Radha Krishna?

🌷 It may be falsely claimed that we are displeasing Nitai by excluding the worship of Gaur by quoting the following verse spoken by Nitai in Chaitanya Bhagavata 2.15.69:

“Anyone who worships Me but does not worship Lord Gauranga, brings pain to Me. Such a person suffers birth after birth.”
Our response:

In the above verse, Nitai is condemning only those who do not worship Gaur but only worship Him with no faith in Gaur.

🌷1. Let us first of all see how Gaur is worshipped. As per Jaiva Dharma by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakuar:

“Vrajanatha: Since Shri Gauranga is the original complete Absolute Truth, how should one worship Him?

Babaji: As one worships Lord Krishna by chanting the name and mantra of Lord Krishna, so one should worship Lord Gaur by chanting the name and mantra of Gauranga. One may worship Lord Gaur by chanting Krishna-mantras, or for that matter one may worship Lord Krishna by chanting Gaur-mantras. They are all the same. Anyone who thinks Lord Krishna and Lord Gaura are different is a fool. He is a servant of Kali-yuga.”

Presently, the standard for initiation in our Sadhu Maharaj Sanga is to do Nitailekhan and Hare Krishna Mahamantra chanting. You may object that as Gauranga’s Name is no longer being airwritten or chanted in japa, we have left out the worship of Gaur. As per the above quote from Jaiva Dharma, it is quite clear that one may worship Gaur by chanting Krishna’s mantra (krishna-mantre gaurapuja va gaura-mantre krishnapuja-sakalai eka).

So, Gaur’s worship is possible by the chanting of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra as authorized by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Thus, nobody can say that we are worshipping only Nitai and not Gaur because we are diligently following Gaur’s most important order to chant the Hare Krishna mahamantra. Also, we are worshiping Radha Krishna in the topmost way by the japa and kirtan of the Hare Krishna mahamantra.

🌷2. Nitai gets extremely displeased with those who perceive Him as independent of Gaur. That can be so displeasing to Nitai that He may curse someone to suffer birth after birth for that. We know that there were sects in Bengal who used to worship Nitai, Gaur, or even Advaita as separate Gods without paying attention to the relation they had with each other.

However, we perceive Nitai as the topmost servant of Gaur and His dearmost associate and brother. Nitai is our Prabhu and Gaur is Nitai’s Prabhu. As long as we have this understanding of Vrindavana das Thakura in Chaitanya Bhagavata 1.17.153, there is no problem at all.

amara prabhura prabhu shri gaurasundara
e bada bharasa citte dhari nirantara

Nitai will never mind if we worship Him more as long as we accept in our heart that Nitai is Gaur’s dearmost servant and serves Gaur in many ways. Remembering Nitai means remembering Gaur and Radha Krishna as stated in Chaitanya Bhagavata. When we perceive Nitai as Gauranga’s topmost servant then Nitai is happy. And when we airwrite निताइ and sing His Name then Gaur is happy.

Thus, we are making both the Brothers happy. We know that Nitai is the Adi-Guru, the Guru of all Gurus. if He gets displeased with anyone then that devotee cannot advance an inch in devotion. In fact, one will lose whatever Bhakti one has. (yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasado
yasyaprasadan na gatih kuto ‘pi).

However, our devotees are showing contrary results by getting more and more realizations, taste, and bliss in devotional service and harinam. And as Shrila Prabhupada says, phalena paricīyate: one’s success or defeat in any activity is understood by its result. Therefore, it is a certain truth that Nitai is not at all displeased with us.

It is also important to remember that if one displeases Gaur, one can be forgiven by Nitai’s worship but if one displeases Nitai then even Gaur’s worship does not help, as stated by Shrila Jiva to Lord Nitai in Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya 4.34,35:

tomara karuna vina gaur nahi paya,
shata janma bhaje yadi gauranga hiyaya.“Even if someone worships Gauranga whole-heartedly for a hundreds births, without Your
mercy Nitai, they will never attain Him.”

gaura danda kare yadi tumi raksha kara,
tumi jare danda kara gaura tara para.

“If Gauranga wishes to punish someone, Nitai, You always protect that person. But, if You punish someone, the person will go away from Gauranga eternally.”

🌷3. Another point to note is that our philosophy is not to worship only Nitai. We simply try to focus more on Nitai so that attainment of Gaur Radha Krishna becomes a greater reality. Focussing more on Nitai does not exclude the bhajan of Gaur Radha Krishna.

It is known that Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is worshipped by sankirtana yajna. And we do worship Mahaprabhu by performing daily sankirtana of Gaur nam, Nitai nam, and Hari nam as an offering to Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Additionally, our Guru and Acarya, Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, has personally recommended many a times to remember Gauranga even while singing or chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

🌷4. It was Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj who established and advocated the chanting of the Gaura Gopala Mantra – “Gauranga”, which is composed of four syllables for the first time so openly in this world. It is due to his untiring efforts that many devotees all over the world have felt attracted to Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

He had published Chaitanya Bhagavat (the prominent biography of Nitai Gaur) and distributed it at cost price widely in order to spread the glories of Nitai Gauranga. He has also written and published an explanatory translation of Chaitanya Chandramrita (a book that contains the exclusive glories of Gaur) and the first chapter of Navadvip Dhama Mahatmaya (a book that contains the glories of Gaur’s Abode).

You can read them here:

Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita
Shri Navadvipa Dham Mahatmaya

Moreover, he published small booklets containing the 100 Names of Gaur and Scriptural Evidences in support of Gaur’s Godhood. For more than a decade, He has been taking devotees on Navadvipa Parikrama, many a times throughout the year.

Even today, our preachers all over the world are spreading the glories of Gaur by establishing that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead on the basis of the Vedic Scriptures. How can anyone claim that we are worshiping only Nitai and not Gaur? Can’t they understand how much Nitai must be pleased with all these efforts to glorify Gaur?

🌷5. Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj has never stopped anyone from worshiping Gauranga through His name and has no intention to ever do so. In fact, He Himself is very pained by those who stop others from chanting the holy names of Nityananda and Gauranga.

He has written, “Even if they are devotees, I will never forgive deep within my heart, those who discourage or stop others from chanting the names of Nityananda and Gauranga or from airwriting निताइ, along with Hari nam, because they mercilessly strip those souls from the only chance to offenselessly chant Hari nam, simply by giving the excuse of the Panch-tattva mantra, which is a prayer not a mantra for chanting like Nitai nam and Gaur Nam.”

Therefore, even though the present standard for aspiring disciples and followers is to do Nitailekhan and chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, still many of the disciples continue to chant Gaur’s Name and will continue to do that in future as well without any hindrance.

🌷6. Please read these verses from Sri Chaitanya Charitamrit,

kālā-kṛṣṇadāsa baḍa vaiṣṇava-pradhāna
nityānanda-candra vinu nahi jāne āna
(CC Adi 11.37)

“The twenty-second devotee of Lord Nityānanda Prabhu was Kālā Kṛṣṇadāsa, who was the ninth cowherd boy. He was a first-class Vaiṣṇava and did not know anything beyond Nityānanda Prabhu.”

hoḍa kṛṣṇadāsa — nityānanda-prabhu-prāṇa
nityānanda-pada vinu nāhi jāne āna

(CC Adi 11.47)

“The thirty-sixth devotee of Lord Nityānanda was Hoḍa Kṛṣṇadāsa, whose life and soul was Nityānanda Prabhu. He was always dedicated to the lotus feet of Nityānanda, and he knew no one else but Him.”

In these verses it is clearly mentioned that these two associates of Nitai knew no one but Nitai. They were exclusively devoted to Nitai. Do you think Nitai was displeased with them? Do you think Nitai will make them suffer birth after birth?

Let us summarize. The verse quoted in the beginning from Chaitanya Bhagavata can never be even remotely applicable to us because of our staunch faith and regard for Lord Gauranga.

In fact, the basic reason for emphasizing more on Nitai is to WIN THE HEART OF GAUR as it is the shortest and surest way to do so. This stress on Nitai’s Name and Glories was an offering by Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu to Lord Gauranga on His Appearance Day (Gaur Purnima, 2015). Offerings are given to those whom we adore and whom we wish to please.

He wrote this on that day, “I promise to Gaur today on His appearance day that I will try to spread the airwriting, singing, and chanting of Nitai’s name even more vigorously than before since it the only hope for the rebellious conditioned souls to become favourable towards Nitai Gaur and Radha Krishna bhakti according to all our beloved acharyas.”

Worthless disciple of Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj,
Nitaimani das

Nitai Bhakti will give you everything!

🌿🌷 It is a generally accepted rule that ‘one attains that, what one meditates on one-pointedly’. Let us analyse its applicability in regard to Nitai Bhakti which entails one-pointed focus on Nitai as the only means for sure-shot deliverance.

samsarera para hai’ bhaktira sagare
ye dubibe se bhajuk nitai-candere

Anyone who desires to cross to the farther shore of the ocean of birth and death, and then dive into the ocean of devotional service, should worship Nitai Chand.
(Cb. Adi 1.77)

🌿🌷 When one performs Nitai Bhakti, one not only attains Nitai but also gets accepted and embraced by Gaur Radha Krishna undoubtedly. This is what makes Nitai a special Lord who stands out among all other forms of Godhead. The foremost reason for this is that He is the Servitor Personality of Godhead. He is the topmost devotee as well as the topmost Lord completely non-different from Avatari Shri Krishna.

🌿🌷 Truth be told, even if one attains Nitai then that is not a small thing. It is equal to attaining Gaur-Krishna as they are completely non-different. Those who think that attainment of Nitai is inferior to that of Gaur-Krishna are themselves men of inferior spiritual quotient.

🌿🌷 Shrila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami (Kasturi Manjari) has written in Chaitanya-charitamrita Adi-lila 8.23 :

‘nityananda’ balite haya krsna-premodaya;
aulaya sakala anga,asru-ganga vaya.

“Simply by chanting the name ‘Nityananda’ one awakens his love for Krsna. Thus all his bodily limbs are agitated by ecstasy of love of God, and tears flow from his eyes like the waters of the Ganges.”

In the above verse it is quite clearly mentioned that one who talks about Nitai or chants His Name will get Krishna Prem even when one is not directly meditating on Radha Krishna. If Kasturi Manjari is writing like this that then what is left for further clarification?

🌿🌷 Also, Shrila Vrindavan das Thakur writes in Chaitanya Bhagawat Adi 9.218:

aharnisa caitanyera katha prabhu kaya
tan’re bhajile se caitanye bhakti haya

“Day and night Nitai speaks about Lord Chaitanya. A person who worships Nitai attains devotion to Lord Chaitanya.”

These (and many more) are 2 direct proofs of the fact that Gaur Radha Krishna are also obtained by Nitai Bhakti.

🌿🌷 Let us have a look at the indirect ones:

Narrotam das Thakur mentions that only by Nitai’s mercy can one attain Radha Krishna. Thus, He recommends us to hold the Lotus Feet of Nitai very tightly. How can you do that? By performing uninterrupted Nitai Bhajan. Holding very tightly means uninterrupted Bhajan.

🌿🌷 Narrotam das Thakur also writes in Sabarana Sri Gaura Mahima Song 1:

gaurāńga-gunete jhure, nitya-līlā tāre sphure,
se jana bhakati-adhikārī

If one appreciates the transcendental qualities of Lord Gauranga and feels ecstasy and sometimes cries, this process will reveal the eternal pastimes of Gaur Radha-Krsna in one’s heart and make one truly qualified for loving devotional service. Do you know who is the Abode of Lord Gauranga’s Transcendental qualities? Let us see how Advait Acharya glorifies Nitai in the 6th Chapter of Sri Nityananda-caritamrta,

tumi nityananda murti nityananda nama
murtimanta tumi caitanyera gunadhama

“Your name is Nityananda and indeed You are nityananda, eternal bliss. You are the personfied Abode of Shri Gauranga’s transcendental qualities.”

Considering both the above verses, it can be easily inferred that Gaur Radha Krishna’s eternal pastimes are revealed to even that person who feels ecstatic in Nitai Bhakti as Nitai is Himself the Abode of Gaur’s qualities.

🌿🌷 One more point needs to be made. If hypothetically one assumes that by Nitai Bhajan one will attain Nitai only then my question to you would be- “where will You attain Nitai?” Nitai resides in the Navadvip division of Golok along with Gauranga Mahaprabhu. I hope you can guess by now what I am trying to say. If one attains Nitai then it is but natural that one will attain Gaur as well as both of Them stay in the same Abode. It takes common sense to understand this. Isn’t it? As far as attainment of Radha Krishna is concerned, it can be ensured by offenseless chanting of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, which is once again only possible by Nitai Bhakti.

🌿🌷 All things considered, the claim that one attains only Nitai by performing Nitai Bhakti is completely unfounded. Those who are too impatient to wait for the results can only give birth to such counterfactual allegations on Nitai Bhajan. All these allegations are already denied by the previous Acharyas. I do not understand why the evidences are seen but not really seen. It is true that love makes one blind. But the blindness that arises out of ignorance and envy is what causes our greatest loss. Neglecting Nitai Bhakti is the height of ignorance and disregarding Nitai Bhaktas is the pinnacle of envy.

🌿🌷 In the end, let us meditate on the following Nitai Bhakti Tattva secrets mercifully revealed by Shrila Vrindavan das Thakur in His Maha Audarya Granth Sri Chaitanya Bhagawat and Shrila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami in His Maha Madhurya Granth Sri Chaitanya Charitamrit,

🌺 CB Adi 1.18

tanhara caritra yeba jane shune, gaya
shri krishna chaitanya-tanre parama sahaya

“Sri Krsna Caitanya is most satisfied with one who chants or hears the characteristics of Lord Nitai.”

🌺 CB Madhya 12.29

ihara vyabhara saba krishna-rasamaya
ihane sevile krishna-pemabhakti haya

“Nitai’s dealings are full of transcendental mellows for Krsna. Just by serving Him one obtains devotional service in love of Krsna.”

🌺 CC Ādi 5.200

jaya jaya nityānanda, nityānanda-rāma
yāṅhāra kṛpāte pāinu vṛndāvana-dhāma

“All glory, all glory to Lord Nityānanda Balarāma, by whose mercy I have attained shelter in the transcendental abode of Vṛndāvana!”

🌺 CC Ādi 5.201

jaya jaya nityānanda, jaya kṛpā-maya
yāṅhā haite pāinu rūpa-sanātanāśraya

“All glory, all glory to the merciful Lord Nityānanda, by whose mercy I have attained shelter at the lotus feet of Śrī Rūpa and Śrī Sanātana!”

🌺 CC Ādi 5.202

yāṅhā haite pāinu raghunātha-mahāśaya
yāṅhā haite pāinu śrī-svarūpa-āśraya

“By His mercy I have attained the shelter of the great personality Śrī Raghunātha dāsa Gosvāmī, and by His mercy I have found the refuge of Śrī Svarūpa Dāmodara.”

🌺 CC Ādi 5.204

jaya jaya nityānanda-caraṇāravinda
yāṅhā haite pāinu śrī-rādhā-govinda

“All glory, all glory to the lotus feet of Lord Nityānanda, by whose mercy I have attained Śrī Rādhā-Govinda!”

🌺 CC Antya 6.131

tomāra kṛpā vinā keha ‘caitanya’ nā pāya
tumi kṛpā kaile tāṅre adhameha pāya

“No one can attain the shelter of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu without Your (Nitai’s) mercy, but if You are merciful, even the lowest of men can attain shelter at His lotus feet.”

A Humble Confession to Doyal Nitai

:pray: O Nitai! Who am I to cause the slightest pain, discomfort, or sadness to your beloved devotees? Is there any greater misuse of my free will than this? What a fool I am!

:pray: He Nitai! No matter how much I try to serve you or please you, everything is useless unless I learn to please your devotees and serve them wholeheartedly with utmost respect.

:pray: He Nitai! I think I aspire to attain your love. But if I were really serious then I would not maintain so much envy and hatred towards your devotees.

:pray: A Vaishnav is not supposed to give pain to any living entity. But I’m such a wretch that I dare to cause pain and inconvenience to the rarest and holiest Nitaibhakts.

:pray: My casual behavior towards your devotees shows how low is my regard and devotion for you Nitai.

:hibiscus: Narrotam das Thakhur says “Nitai pada sada karo ash”.. That is, 24*7 hanker for the attainment and service of Nitai’s lotus feet. I wish I could hanker like this for a single moment at least. But I have no time. I’m 24*7 engrossed in hankering for material pleasures and making unlimited plans for sense gratification and self-aggrandizement.

Secret Desire of the Two Brothers

Lord Krishna (apparently) left Vrindavan at a very young age along with Lord Balaram. All Vraja-vasis experienced intense Viyog (separation) because of that. Krishna also felt the same Viyog from the Vraj-vasis. However, Balaram could not experience the same as Krishna always kept Him by His side. Not could Krishna experience separation from Lord Balaram like He felt from other Vraj-vasis. Hence, when Krishna came as Gaur, He fulfilled this desire also when He went to Puri along with His desire of relishing Radha-bhav. He sent Nitai to East Bengal for distributing Krishna-prem to one and all. And here in Puri, He experienced intense separation from Nitai. Simply by chanting Nitai’s name He would fall unconscious on the ground. And the same happened with Nitai when He was away from Gaur. He would shout “Aha re! Gauranga!” and He would fall down on the ground drenching His body with His own tears.

So this is a secret desire of both the brothers which got fulfilled in this Lila. In fact, in this most confidential Nitai Gaur Lila, the innermost desires of the Lords and all the associates got surprisingly fulfilled.