The Glorification of Unparalleled Love

निताइ! The Hare Krishna Mahamantra is replete with Radhey-Shyam’s love for each other. Radha’s love for Krishna and Krishna’s love for Radha. The Mahamantra is not just the glorification of Radha and Krishna, it is the glorification of their unparalleled love. It is overflowing with the divine couple’s madness for each other. We celebrate their eternal love by singing the Mahamantra! निताइ!

निताइ! We can’t imagine how grateful Jagai and Madhai must be to Nitai throughout their lives. Everyday they must be crying profusely in gratitude. Their every drop of tear was a testimonial of Nitai’s unparalleled mercy.  निताइ!

निताइ! Writing Nitai’s name in the air with the tip of your index finger is not only eco-friendly but also ego-friendly.
निताइ! Fortunate are those who have an inclination to serve. Blessed are those who get a chance to serve.

निताइ! Respect, service, and love have to be unconditional or else they cease to be what they are.

Secret Behind Danda-bhanga Lila

Nitai broke the Danda of Lord Gauranga because He wanted to show the entire world that He won’t let Gaur give danda (punishment) to anyone who takes His shelter. Danda-bhanga means Nitai saves us from Gaur-Krishna’s punishments.

gaura danda kare jadi tumi rakshaa kara
tumi yaare danda kara gaura taara para

(NDM Chapter 4, Shrila Jiva Goswami’s prayer to Nitai)

Nitai’s Unique Mercy

  • Nitai’s unique mercy and influence is such that those who are going to be killed by the Sudarshan of the Supreme Lord at one moment, are miraculously embraced by the long arms of the same Supreme Lord the very next moment. Isn’t it inconceivable? Only Nitai can make such a thing possible. (With reference to the pastime of Jagai and Madhai’s deliverance)
  • O Nitai.. may I always perceive the biggest problems of my life as benedictions in disguise.
  • May I lose all hesitation to tell someone about Nitai as that will save that person from uncountable adversities.