The Greatest Fortune Is To Be In Dham

निताइ! When we are unable to handle the materialistic vibrations of this world, we take shelter of the Dhams. We find real solace in the Dhams. If there were no Dhams, it would have been so difficult for the devotees to survive in this material world. The Lord appears and then disappears. But the Dhams remain for delivering the conditioned souls by awarding them immense sukriti and for giving life to the devotees. Existence of Dhams in this material world is such a great blessing. It is the greatest good fortune for us. If there were no Dhams, where would we go? Where?

When someone leaves his body in the Dhams, he attains the highest destination as kripa-siddhi. How merciful! Who is behind all this? It is Nitai only, the most-caring father of all conditioned souls, who manifests in the form of the Dhams. He is the one who gives solace in the form of the Dhams. He is the one who gives protection in the form of the Dhams. He is the one who gives everyone a chance to attain kripa-siddhi by leaving the body in the Dhams. Who else can think so much about us? How can we be so ungrateful? How can we not realize and feel gratitude for Nitai’s supreme mercy in the form of the Dhams? निताइ

P.S. The greatest good fortune is to be in the Dham for even a single moment. That is the greatest happiness which can be attained by the jiva because this Dham is also Nitai. And Nitai is Nityananda. Being in dham means being with Nitai constantly. One can feel constant association of Nitai.

Overcoming Material Desires

  • Dogs are more loyal than me. Cow eaters are less sinful than me. I may try to hide as much as I want but the fact is that I’m a wretch. I’m a good-for-nothing chap but still Nitai somehow engages me in His service to forcefully deliver me.
  • My Guru is bona fide, but I’m not a bona fide disciple.
  • Everyone is tested according to one’s capacity and level. Just like Guru and Vaishnav Aparadh is much more dangerous than the worst material sins similarly a desire which is unfavorable to Guru and Vaishnavs is much more worse than the worst kind of material desires.
  • May I never think of leaving this mission, even in dreams, to waste my life in another futile attempt of trying to enjoy in this material world.